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Artist Bio: Wendigo SZN "Bay Area Dreampunk"

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Let yourself feel the waves of your day-to-day as Bay Area-based alternative artist, Wendigo Szn serenades your subconscious with dreamy acoustic chords and luscious lo-fi beats.

Wendigo Szn Live House Party
Wendigo Szn

Wandering through the Redwoods again, you can feel the wind blowing through your hair and the smell of ancient trees naturally calms you down. Squatch might sneak up on ya if you aren’t careful, you’re pretty deep in the thick of it all.

You’ve decided to choose your own adventure, taking your own route. You lost sight of the usual trail tourists hit about an hour ago, yet you still have the urge to keep pushing forward. Stopping to get a swig of your water bottle, you notice some paint-splattered tree trunks with handprints smeared across them. Following the direction of the smears, you catch sight of a palette propped up next to a can of paint at the base of one of the trunks. Getting closer, you walk around the massive tree and see a mossy acoustic guitar overgrown by weeds. Carved into the wood of the guitar reads: Wendigo Szn

Wendigo Szn Live
Wendigo Szn

Tapping into the house show scene up north in Arcata and Crescent City and slaying drums with local post-punk screamo band St. Sophie, Wendigo Szn infuses intimate and ambivalent energies with a rebellious spirit. Rocking a full face of clown makeup during their sets, Wendigo also fully advocates for mental health awareness and an openness to making genuine connections.

Inspired by the collaborative drive behind SoundCloud Rap and lo-fi production, Wendigo has collaborated with fellow visionary like Kid Tsunami and stays open to crossing genres. Touching on personal experiences and past connections with songs like “Icarus” and “Words”, Wendigo gives a grittier or more real-to-life approach to bedroom pop.

Grateful we shared a stage with them at Blondie's up in Arcata, back in July on our voyage home from the Summer PsychOut Tour. As a creative sandbox to express their thoughts and emotions, Wendigo Szn is stirring it up, building castles out of thin air, one track at a time. Stay tuned for a full project on the horizon and see how the weather’s up there @wendigo_szn


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