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Artist Bio: Soundfrom "Long Beach Psychonauts"

Long Beach-based psychedelia at its finest, Soundfrom is a group of local heavy hittin’ trippers that’ll give you a multi-sensory experience you won’t forget. Electrifying guitar leads, atmospheric synth tones, and avalanche-like drum rhythms conjure up vibrations that’ll make you understand where sound comes from.

Eden Vincent of Soundfrom
Photo by: Spenser Judd

On a quest to find a new tape player for your cave-like studio, you’re rummaging through heaps of old electronics and dusty knick-knacks laid out on a blanket. Forget Goodwill, yard sales are slept on and you’re wide awake bright and early, jonesing to jam out with a new recorder. Somebody’s junk’s a straight-up treasure to someone else, right?

Scavenging through the loot, you notice some Sharpied up CDs and an old Walkman yet there’s no tape decks in sight. You’ve already hit like 6 free piles since waking up at the crack of dawn, what gives? Right as you’re about to dip out and call it a day, a red-robed lady peers out into the yard, beckoning you with her finger stretched outright.

A bit bewildered, you walk on over as she lifts up a nonagon-shaped drug rug centered in the garage, revealing a hidden trapdoor. “I know what you’re looking for. Enter the Nonagon and see what’s in store”. Curiosity consumes you without question, so you do as she says. Diving down into the darkness, a ladder leads you to an underground chamber. As your eyes adjust, a candlelit alter grabs your attention. A pristine tape-to-tape machine lies at its center with a single reel that reads: Soundfrom

Soundfrom Live Blue Moon Seattle
Photo by: Ashley Gastineau

It’s an ethereal force and Soundfrom are sound wave sorcerers, exploring a new lane of modern psych. While giving nods to psych rock gods like King Gizz and Kikagaku Moyo to performing alongside local legends like The Sleeperz and Fusion Babies, Soundfrom is flying forward like a starship on course to alien territory.

Fresh off our Summer PsychOut Tour, Soundfrom kept up the jams improvising and adding extra layers of eargasmic bliss into their sets every night. Their debut project, Soundfrom, was unveiled on the last day of the tour and it's basically like those jawbreakers from Ed, Edd, N Eddy for lovers of psych. Analog recordings mixed and mastered by a wizard with twists and turns around every track, it’s an auditory oasis that balances the duality of experimental music. A new wave of neo-psych is among us now and Soundfrom is surfing it up, with new sonic voyages on the way. Stay shredding and face-melting @soundfromtheband


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