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Artist Bio: Happy Death Men "Salem Psych Punk"

Screech, white noise, wait for it… A blast of rage hits you like a moving train. The Happy Death Men are here again.
Happy Death Men live
Happy Death Men

Salem, OR-based punks, Happy Death Men, stir up the pit with a passion for bringing their fans together. We caught them in action at Island Fest back in July and they truly supplied an intense energy that sent sand in the air and fans coming together. Rowdy enough, the singer and drummer even ended their set by dismembering the drumset and jumping into the river. With headbangers like “Kyle” and “Trying to Say", Happy Death Men came in hot with their first EP, Famous Plane Crash. This album sounds like its title in the best way possible. Dark and burning, screaming painful cries light up the emotions that make up their sound.

I wouldn’t say that these men sound happy, but I’ve heard they give free hugs during their sets. The name Happy Death Men alone implies a duality, a split nature of their music and being. It makes sense that they classify themselves as punk, which embodies a dualism of transgressive aggression and all-loving passion. Punk is like Christ wearing black. He was a happy death man. If you listen to this EP, then you’ll become one too. It’s often a family affair at punk shows, so get ready to feel comfy and right at home whenever you catch Happy Death Men get into the zone

Happy Death Men (Full Band)

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