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Artist Bio: Supernaut "Santa Cruz Doom"

Self-described as a “heavy music power trio from Santa Cruz, CA,” Supernaut slices and dices the thin line between punklike attitude and ethereal beauty. They’re descendants of loose-screw music made by those on the fringe of society. Although it’s audibly enjoyable, there’s a deeper, darker message behind their album, Souls Awaken.

Supernaut band pic

You’re a damn mess. Beer keeps spilling on your shirt. You just got fired yesterday. You’re drunkenly pissed, searching for an outlet for your aggression. Supernaut has come to save the day, or maybe even destroy it, if that’s what you want.

By peering at their song titles, one can identify a roadmap of the dangerous journey taken by rockers. In order to create works of transcendental value, some shadow work is required.

Fan Art Supernaut

Supernaut embodies this philosophy to its core. Their song, “Ghosts Surround Me”, tells a chilling story of an encounter with reawakened elements of a checkered past. Sung to a riff that sounds like a train from hell, their blend of audible and textual substance creates a heavy atmosphere of sound and emotion. They continue their evocation of this wild energy throughout the album yet maintain dynamics in their sound.

Their song "Brain Slow” is reminiscent of Layne Staley’s vocals, and its message closely resembles Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb.” Yet, there persists a continuum of pitch-black, midnight feelings that uniquely define their sound. If you’re looking for something raw, with a dark depth, then @supernaut_sc will speak to you.


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