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Artist Bio: Afterlife Giftshop "A Retro Rock Forever Fest"

We linked up with the Seattle locals, Afterlife Giftshop, at Blue Moon during our Summer Psychout tour in July. Their fresh blend of psych-pop and bluesy twang is warm and welcoming kinda like your grandma's fireplace, reeling crowds onto the dance floor quicker than they can refill their growlers. Grab a hula hoop and get wavy to their songs like “Optimism Duplicator” and “Cloudy Mansions” while tapping into that Forever Fest flow.

Afterlife Gift Shop
Afterlife Giftshop

Pickin’ blackberries by the freeway a few miles outside of Seattle, you spot a strange bush among the rest of the brush, glowing with an assortment of dazzling treats. They almost look like raspberries but they’re a mix of cool hues like blues, purples, and pinks, chillin on the thorny branches just waiting to get plucked. Your sweet tooth’s calling out to you, taste buds tingling. Although you’re curious about what’s on the other side, you’re not about to test your luck.

A motorcyclist skirts out on the pull off and a wild-haired chiller hops off their bike tossing

their helmet onto the road in a frantic instant. Caught off guard you whip around and ask what’s good. The older man’s eyes are wide and he’s cheesing from ear to ear. He lifts his shaky hands and points at the strange shrubbery.

“Welcome to the Forever Fest, let loose get in the Groove, those berries are from Beyond”. The man chuckles as he picks a handful, urging you to eat some. You take a deep gulp, “Um, what do you mean from Beyond, where did these come from?” The biker takes a crumpled receipt out of his pocket. Waving it in front of your face, it reads: Afterlife Giftshop.

Touching on spiritual themes with a storytelling tone, you’ll be leaving a sesh with Afterlife Giftshop with some mental souvenirs. You know that Organic Food for Thought that lets you take it easy or who knows they might even toss you a pair of Topo Chico knee socks since they know you’ve been on the road for weeks. These guys are genuine weekend warriors, giving back to their local community on and off stage, mingling with fans, and jamming out til the night ends. Feel the rush, the moment’s enough. Get a glimpse into the Beyond @afterlife_giftshop.


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