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Artist Bio: Palm Sugar Supplies Sweet and Heady Psych Rock

Psychedelic rock has been on a journey of its own for the past 60 years, and nearly

nothing represents where that journey has led to better than Palm Sugar.

Palm Sugar band

The Long Beach-based psych band has distilled the genre in the form of lilting drum beats overlaid with fuzzed-out guitars that make one feel as if they’re between a dream and waking life. Over that are vocals that bring to mind those of Kevin Parker, only a bit deeper, and a guitar tone that floats on the air, crisscrossing with its rhythm counterpart like some shoelaces out in the pit.

Having released three songs since 2019, Palm Sugar has reiterated its spin on psych in

each release. Their first song from 2019 entitled, “Mint” has echoes of Ultimate Spinach and

Crumb, while their 2020 follow-up, “ClienTell”, as well as 2022’s "Meditation ii” lend more influence to that of Tame Impala, Khruangbin, and Pink Floyd where the floating basslines keep one bouncing along for the duration of the song. They’re the kind of band one could just put on after a long day and unwind. If you’ve been looking for a band that has both soaring instrumentals and catchy melodies, then definitely check out Palm Sugar, and throw them a follow on Spotify while you’re at it.


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