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Exclusive Interview: Shawty Gawd's Psychedelic Trap Saga

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

LA-based trapstar Shawty Gawd is as independent as it gets. From producing his own tracks to designing his own drip, he's forging his own path in a genuine fashion. The hustle never stops. Even during the pandemic, he's slaying stages alongside underground legends like Mikey Rotten and Zaowolf while constantly recording new tracks. Stop sleeping, chill out, an abundance of heat's expected to drop soon, including a project with his girlfriend Baha Bla$t.


Previously known as SkyscraperShawty, the self-proclaimed Last Nephilim has been conjuring his own wave of spaced-out trap for about 6 years. Originally from Seattle, Shawty started doing shows consistently while creating his character online through music videos and collaborations.

With early cloud rap tracks like "Woodgrain Wavelord$" to newer punk rap bangers like "Murder Fetish", it's no surprise that Shawty Gawd has became a rap visionary, casually riding his own wave. His music is a concoction of esoteric lyrics, ethereal soundscapes, and hard hitting beats and it's been brewing since 2014. Now that he's thriving down in LA, Shawty Gawd is geared up and ready to unleash his talents. His psychedelic story is really starting to take off and he's on the cusp of becoming what he's always been; a straight up legend.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Shawty Gawd down in LA right before he opened up for JGRXXN.


Here's what he had to say:

Q: When did you start making music?

A: I started free-styling when I was 18, but I wasn't serious. I just kept going, then I started doing a shit ton of shows a couple years ago in Seattle. I started getting kinda serious with it and recently I'm all in. I just moved to LA and got this tape going with Mikey

Q: What was that transition like moving from Seattle?

A: It's crazy. It's really different. It's hot, but it's better for the culture out here. Motherfuckers are really doing it.

Q: When did you first get introduced to Mikey Rotten and this scene?

A: Mikey hit me up last year, he was like, “Yo are you Skyscraper Shawty? I used to bump your shit in like 2014. I didn't know you were still making music.” Then we had been talking, he had a show in Indianapolis and he hit me up, “come slide out lets do a show.”

At the show he was like “move to LA.” I was like “alright fuck it, let's do it”. After that, we've been like this ever since. Making it happen. 

Q: Did you move into a pad with Mikey out here at first?

A: No, I crashed at his spot for a little while, but I got my own place now.

Q: Seems like you're one of the only rappers with their own tour bus. How'd you get the bus?

A: We got the bus on marketplace bro. It was only four bands. I cant turn it on right now, but its got the under glow with the party lights.

Q: Have you used it for a little tour yet or did you get it recently?

A: Not yet, but we're planning a skatepark tour soon. 

Q: When's that going to happen? 

A: We're not really sure. Hopefully, we're just waiting on when shit opens up with less restrictions.

Q: So lately you've just been recording a bunch?

A: Yeah, I just recorded hella music. I got that tour and an album. Yeah a bunch of random crazy shit. I've got a bunch of features recorded that I cant even say right now.

Q: One of your covers on Soundcloud has you holding a pound of shrooms. Are you into psychedelics?

A: I'm super into psychedelics. It's a humongous part of my spiritual identity and the way I view the world.

Q: Does that go into why you consider the Last Nephilim?

A: Kind of, I definitely had alien encounters on DMT for sure.

Q: What do you think psychedelics brought to your life, in terms of music?

A: Oh it's just I've made so many different connections in my mind that I would have never made normally, you know what I mean? It boosts my creativity.

Q: Is there anything else you're stoked on, other than that tour and these collaborations? 

A: I'm stoked about the mixtape I'm working on with Baha Bla$t right now. Its gonna be fire. I've also been making hella clothes, gonna start putting them into stores. I've been talking to shop owners lately.

Q: When did you get into making all those clothes?

A: About two months ago. 

Q: Do you like doing any other forms of art?

A: I make my own beats, record all my own shit, mix and master my own stuff. Do my own cover art.

Q: Would you say you have your own aesthetic?

A: Yeah, I think I definitely built a strong character. I think I'm pretty recognizable. 

Q: For sure, do you have any music videos coming out?

A: Yeah I've got two unreleased videos and I'm working on a third but were just getting some shit in order so we can market it properly.

Q: What do you think about the current state of DIY culture, like the underground scene in LA?

A: The underground in LA is hard. It's thriving. You see it, you were at the last show. You know what I mean. We're still getting shit popping during quarantine. I feel like really low-key, we're inspiring other people to get it. Like fuck it, DIY is strong.

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