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Exclusive Interview: Shawty Gawd's Psychedelic Trap Saga

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

LA-based trapstar Shawty Gawd is as independent as it gets. From producing his own tracks to designing his own drip, he's forging his own path in a genuine fashion. The hustle never stops. Even during the pandemic, he's slaying stages alongside underground legends like Mikey Rotten and Zaowolf while constantly recording new tracks. Stop sleeping, chill out, an abundance of heat's expected to drop soon, including a project with his girlfriend Baha Bla$t.


Previously known as SkyscraperShawty, the self-proclaimed Last Nephilim has been conjuring his own wave of spaced-out trap for about 6 years. Originally from Seattle, Shawty started doing shows consistently while creating his character online through music videos and collaborations.

With early cloud rap tracks like "Woodgrain Wavelord$" to newer punk rap bangers like "Murder Fetish", it's no surprise that Shawty Gawd has became a rap visionary, casually riding his own wave. His music is a concoction of esoteric lyrics, ethereal soundscapes, and hard hitting beats and it's been brewing since 2014. Now that he's thriving down in LA, Shawty Gawd is geared up and ready to unleash his talents. His psychedelic story is really starting to take off and he's on the cusp of becoming what he's always been; a straight up legend.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Shawty Gawd down in LA right before he opened up for JGRXXN.


Here's what he had to say:

Q: When did you start making music?

A: I started free-styling when I was 18, but I wasn't serious. I just kept going, then I started doing a shit ton of shows a couple years ago in Seattle. I started getting kinda serious with it and recently I'm all in. I just moved to LA and got this tape going with Mikey

Q: What was that transition like moving from Seattle?

A: It's crazy. It's really different. It's hot, but it's better for the culture out here. Motherfuckers are really doing it.