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Album Review: Shelley Star & the Galaxy - Self-Titled

VA-based indie pop sensation Shelley Star & the Galaxy recently unleashed their debut self-titled album with a spectacular performance at Jammin' Java on February 4th. "Shelley Starr & the Galaxy" is an 11-track cosmic journey, touching on the band's lore while tapping into spaced-out grooves and harmonies that'll transport you to a realm of glammed-out bliss.

Cover Art
"Shelley Star & the Galaxy"

"Shelley Star & the Galaxy" stands as a psych-pop odyssey where listeners can tune into Sci-fi storylines and embrace the sound waves with ease. Reminiscent of indie supernovas like Superorganism and Fionna Apple, the group pleasantly collides elements of dream pop, bluesy folk, classic rock, and psychedelia to create their personalized musical world, straight from Planet Glam.

Starting off the project with the retro-futuristic banger "Crash Landing", Shelley Star's story begins. This upbeat introduction seamlessly flows into the follow-up track "Battery Baby" where fuzzy baselines and folky riffs mesh like beach sand between your toes. Honing in on those dreamy textures often found in lo-fi hip hop or bedroom pop beats, "I Love Me In California" is a treat for your ears that sets the stage right for the wholesome vibes of "Sister Song".

Switching up the rhythm, Shelley Star's passion for mixing live performance arts into their craft shines on songs like "Asteroid Belt" and "Space Disco Fever", perfect mood-boosters to let the party keep going til the sun rises. Beaming us back to the 70s with a modern spin, songs like "Cat Eyez" and "Summer of Love on Mars" act like a cinematic montage sequence that simmers down for the album's finale, "Explorers".

Excited for what's in store from Shelley Star & the Galaxy as their story unravels. Stay Tuned and In the Loop @shelleystarofficial.

Shelley Star
Photo by: @emilee_122

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