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Premiere: Supernaut's Unleashed "No Mind Volume 1"

Santa Cruz based hard rockers Supernaut release their newest work in two years, since 'Souls Awaken.' The improv-jam-filled album starts off with a thumping ten minute tune "Ronin." The spacious audio journey is set to take you far from Earth.

Supernaut Live

In our phone interview with the band, here's what they had to say about touring with the new material later this year:

Buxx: 'Supernaut' happens to be one of my favorite Black Sabbath tracks of all time. Who are some of your influences?

Supernaut: We did it on purpose! (Laughs) From a young age I've always loved Stevie Wonder, on the heavier side I'm a big fan of Mastadon. Projects that resonated with me would be "Time" by Pink Floyd - which honestly freaked me out as a kid. Took some time to come around and embrace these sounds as they are. Of course 'Dark Side of the Moon', and 'Animals' are some of our favorites as well.

Supernaut (Santa Cruz)

Buxx: When was the first time you heard metal? Do you remember bands that stuck out to you?

Supernaut: First time (really resonating with radio-play), I remember loving AC/DC .. Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, a lot of 2000s alternative artists.

My dad's coworker, back in the day made a CD mix that was an intro. First tine hearing Devilution, Lamb of God, Dragonforce, all these bands I'd never heard, 20 songs from 20 different bands. (Funny thing is) I never really heard Black Sabbath as a metal. I always heard a lotta funk, blues, and jazz in their sound but they really were their own thing altogether.

Buxx: Coming up from Santa Cruz, how do you feel about the house show/underground scene building there?

Supernaut: Really great. The college keeps the trend rollin', people foster a good community. So during lockdown a lotta things got cancelled, live music goin' to the back burner. Only way to see live shit was house shows, people with large open pads and barns would allow outside show spaces for artists.

Gotta say, New Orleans has an incredible vibe to it, too. Shout out Portland and Oakland as well, definitely honorable mentions.

Supernaut Live Band

Buxx: What are you most stoked on sharing with the new music? Any further plans for 2024?

Supernaut: Stoked on my drum tone! A lil twist really changed the sound, the sonic quality is real nice. We recorded at a homies studio, and he's a wizard gettin' down with experimenting to get the sound we were looking for. We recorded a lotta improv, ended up with four hours of tunes. Bro was able to help us forage it, take the raw materials and make something really dope with it.

It's something we usually only do live, so we really just got a helluva opportunity to release something like this. Staying true to our sound. Reeeeally stoked to mob on tour down south, get rowdy with new crowds. Excited to see the familiar and unfamiliar faces in the crowds.

Supernaut Live
Supernaut Live

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