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Premiere: Clocking Out with Timothy Eerie's "Work Free Drug Place"

Florida-based psych rock group, Timothy Eerie is back with a genuine shred fest "Work Free Drug Place". Released through Green Witch Recordings with a vinyl pre-order on the way, the full-length album takes it up a notch from their previous projects, elevating their sound to new decibels.

Timothy Eerie Work Free Drug Space
Cover Art By: MAFV

Earlier this fall, Timothy Eerie previewed the album with the single, "Your Own Trip", causing listeners to hit the ground running. The track's fuzzed-up yet polished tone paired with a callout vocal style is very reminiscent of bands like Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and Acid Dad, yet it still carries the familiar garage rock sound Timothy Eerie champions on earlier releases. Taking a deeper trip into the album, the tracklist has a transcendental flow meshed together with Mantra I - V while standout tracks like "Staring At The Sun" and "Feeling Human" have a hypnotic pull that gives the audience an opportunity to expand their horizons, drifting away to the esoteric lyrics and ethereal soundscapes.

With a slew of upcoming shows around the East Coast and the record release of "Work Free Drug Place" on the way, Timothy Eerie's creating gems, pioneering a new era of Neo-Psych. Stay on the lookout, tune in, drop out, and go catch a set.

We had the chance to catch up with Timothy Eerie to chat about the new release.

Timothy Eerie Live
Timothy Eerie

Q: How did you go about recording your latest project, "Work Free Drug Place"? Did you take a different approach to songwriting for this album?

A: I used a bunch of different methods to record Work Free Drug Place. Some stuff was tracked live at our friend Bucky’s studio but a lot of it was recorded by me in my bedroom over the last couple of years. I recorded the cover, "I Won’t Hurt You", on an old 4-track cassette deck that a friend gave me.

Q: Who did the album artwork, how'd you all get connected?

A: The artist is called MAFV. Sapphire recommended them to me so we linked up on Instagram & went from there. MAFV sent me the hand-drawn original piece which was really cool because you usually only get a digital copy. It’s definitely giving Schoolhouse rock.

Q: How has Green Witch Recordings helped out with this release?

A: Marc from Green Witch really helped take on a lot of the leg work for this release. He has a whole world of contacts and creators that I never had. They put us on a dope showcase at SXSW back in March. He also spearheaded the 7” we dropped a couple of months ago which is available on my Bandcamp store and hooked me up with Preston Spurlock who did a music video for my song Toad Venom.

Timothy Eerie Tour Dates
Fall Shows

Q: Do you have any upcoming release shows? Where would you like to perform next?

A: We’re about halfway through a short East Coast tour to promote the new album and we have a hometown release show with Mike Watt on October 22nd.

Q: What are your plans for the rest of the year and 2024?

A: I have a bunch of new tunes that I’m finishing up and will probably have them out in the Spring.


Stay Tuned:

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