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In perhaps what was the best performance all weekend, St. Anthony and the snakeboys destroyed Red Tail at Resorts World for Psycho Las Vegas 2022.


Photo by: Juan Perez


I won’t write a whole lot because the interview itself is legit enough on its own. It’s been about a year now that the church of CC has been enlightening the city of Angels. Their shows are definitely like no other musical act in the entire city at the moment. It’s truly a holy spectacle to witness in person.

Behind all the blood, fire, cum, chaos and everything else, is just a man named Anthony. Who just so happens to be one of the funniest and nicest person I've ever met. Dedicated 1000% to his belief and cause, it’s something that really gravitates people & kids to this band. No phony shit, ever.

This year for Psycho Las Vegas, they headlined a pre-show showcase on Thursday. Hitting the stage at around 2:00 am, they really brought it for a bunch of new, fresh eyes. Anthony said it himself, next year they will burn down the main stage. I believe it. Next time you see Cancer Christ on a bill in a city near you, make the drive, walk there, take an Uber, ride the bus.... do whatever it takes to see them live!


Photo by: Juan Perez

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Anthony while we were both out in Vegas. Over some fine breakfast, we discussed many topics including the church, religion, kids, drugs, blueberry blessings and more. Read the full interview below.

Q: For those who don’t know, what is CC?

A: Piss, sex, debauchery.. because that’s what all humans love. But, the message underneath all this shit, is love. Almost all other churches teach you and show you stuff that you want, but it’s a bait & switch. So, you want family, you want community, love, respect. You want to know that there’s something when you die. There might not be. You might be put in the ground and eaten by worms. The thing with Cancer Christ is some people will say they kinda have a hard time with the whole Christian front side of it. I actually love that. Music and art is supposed to make you think and question shit. You’re supposed to have a good time and be challenged. A lot of fucking metal-heads, a lot of fucking hip-hop heads and a lot of fucking music fans just are dumb.

Ultimately, the most important thing with CC is love. In its truest definition. Here’s the difference between CC and a lot of these other punk, hardcore, hip hop bands though… I’m not a fucking predator. There is no ulterior motive. I’m not here to try to groom anyone or change their perspective on anything. I’m just here to show them love, show them a good time and let them know they are worthy of shit.

Q: Describe to someone what they could expect from a CC show?

A: When you come to the Church of CC, no snakeboy, no snake momma, no snakegirl, no snake anybody will ever do anything that is going to hurt you. When anyone is at our show for other reasons other than spreading love and positivity, that’s when me as Saint Anthony, and me as Anthony, will get violent. Now, if you’re going to come to service, if you’re coming to the church of CC, you’re coming to mass. Just be ready for anything. We’re always being inspired by the holy spirit and shit comes out of nowhere.

Flame thrower! You never know what’s going to get lit on fire. You never know how many snakegirls or snakeboys are going to pop up. You never know if someone is going to be completely naked. You never know if we are going to be baptizing people. You never know if shits going to explode in the future. You don’t know if we are going to fucking tear down a building. You never know if we are going to show up to an abortion rally and run these pieces of shit out that think they can tell a woman what to do with their own body. You never know if the church of Cancer Christ is gonna go into a church and take it back for the people because it’s been abusing its own community for profit. You never know if we are going to shut down a freeway and throw a holy congregation. You just never know what’s going to happen at a Cancer Christ show.

The holy spirit speaks to us and tells us that shit has to get bigger and better, and we have to reach more people. We have to be more brutal and show more love. We have to take the word to the street and to the people to show them that they matter, before they don’t matter. Because, we don’t know when it’s going to happen, but Jesus is going to get a hair up his ass. He’s going to start ascending people and melting people. You either turn or you fucking burn.

Q: Cancer Christ in the city of Sin, How does it feel to bring the church here?

A: Oh, I love it. If your whole deal is to convert people, where the fuck else would you want to be? You wanna be in Sin fucking City. You want to bring the angels to Sin fucking City. Honestly, sin is such a silly thing anyway. Is there really sin? All of our sins have been fucking paid for. Jesus died for all those sins. So what the fuck is a Sin? It doesn’t matter what the fuck I do, when I die, I’m saved. I’m going to fucking heaven. Just the same as I am now, up there. Hopefully, my wife is there too. I have lust in my heart, sin in my life, savior in my death.

And blueberry blessings?

And blueberry blessings, always.

So he’s saying that because we are at the Blue Berry Hill. It’s the best restaurant in fucking Vegas, I don’t give a fuck what anybody says. They have a Christian book store, they are very accepting and they give you discounts if you say the right words.

Photo by: Juan Perez

Q: First time playing Vegas?

A: Yes. We were going to play 3 shows. Psycho on Thursday, last night at Barrio Bowl, which we played both shows already. We were going to play tonight, but it fell through. I’m actually kinda glad it did because it’s a pain in the ass. It’s a process. We have wardrobe, we have props, we have effects.

Q: Every CC show I’ve been to you see really young kids, what does it mean to you when they want to volunteer themselves to be baptized?

A: We meet kids that are 11 years old who want to get baptized in the church and they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. I’m trying to make a broader point with it. That being said, it’s the most incredible thing. We don’t make music for a specific person, but if there was ever anyone that I would want to experience Cancer Christ, it would be an 11-year-old kid. with problems at home. With a warped sensibility about people, their loved ones and like just the way the world works. I would like those kids to come to our shows. I’ll sign anything they fucking want. I’ll give them hugs. I’ll give them advice. A lot of times we give free shit to these kids who can’t afford merch. We do it all the time.

It’s important to me because when I was a kid I was in foster care, and I just felt like everyone was against me. I was always loud, getting into trouble. Everyone was always telling me what to do and I would always say “fuck you, I don’t have to do shit.” There’s a lot of kids that I see just like me. When they come in they are kinda confused, they don’t get it. And by the end, they are devout. Like you said, they are getting baptized. They wanna be squirted with blood.

Sometimes I think that these kids think that being bad is cool. When you don’t have something good in your life, you tend to gravitate toward what you’re good at. Even if what you’re good at is being a piece of shit. I’ve met kids at our shows that have a good life at home, but for the most part, it’s a lot who have given up on society and family. And sometimes they give up on themselves. Do you know how many people think it’s cool to get shit-faced, blacked out, annihilated on all sorts of drugs? Kids come up to me all the time telling me they are fucked up on molly or acid, or they say they just did some meth. I’m always like “dude, that’s not cool. You’re going to kill yourself.” Some people can hang with their drugs, but not kids. It fucks with the chemicals in their brain. This is a long fucking answer but I’ll say it again, the message behind the music is love. Even if the song is about BTK. The message is love, even if it’s about blowing your fucking brains out.

Q: Do you remember who was the first kid to ever be baptized?

A: I’m trying to remember… this is bad that I don’t know. I think we’ve probably baptized like 100 or more kids now. Maybe 1,000, maybe 10,000, I don’t know? We can baptize people for an hour at shows. We gotta figure something out *laughs* Sometimes we’ll have multiple shows and I’m out there yelling, so people can hear me, and I lose my voice. From singing, from the shit that happens after. There’s a pre-show, the show, then the after-show when the baptisms happen. Which is actually becoming a show in itself.

It’s becoming that people are almost looking forward to that the most

Yeah, people ask me during the set. “Will you save me, father?” A lot of kids also call me Mr. Jesus. But I go, “I’m not Jesus. Jesus is up there." I’m just the guy who’s excited about the destruction that’s going to be caused when Jesus’ fucking wrath comes down.

If you like metal, there’s nothing more metal than the wrath of Jesus Christ. The motherfucker is brutal, that motherfucker don’t give a fuck, when he’s upset. When he’s in a good mood, we cool. All sins forgiven, he’ll die for you. If you really believe. I don’t believe in the actual words in the bible because a lot of it is bullshit and fear-mongering. But, I hear God from time to time, and he is brutal. He has a great sense of humor and he’s not very PC. He loves women, he loves men, he loves sex. I think that people don’t understand that all this carnal shit is invented by Jesus. Do you think that he's going to bring this shit up if he’s not down for it? I talk about shit that I like. I talk about this restaurant because I like it. You think a guy, that this is all based on, doesn’t fuck with that kind of shit? I know he does. On God. *laughs* But anyways, the first person that we baptized… I can’t remember. Shit. I’ll have to go through the photos because thankfully, yourself included, we have so many great church members. So many great photographers, so many great videographers, painters, and animators. Hopefully, I’m able to find out and we’ll revisit. We’ll have a revision.

Q: Are there more snake boys, or people out there in the wild?

A: Of course!

Photo by: Juan Perez

Q: Can anyone become a snake person?

A: That’s a great question. So at first there were only 2 snakeboys, that I knew about. That was snake boss and sub-snake boss, who is very submissive. We’ve actually gone through a lot of snakes. I think we’ve had a total of 48 snakes in the band. It’s because people catch the holy ghost, they become who they are. The music captivates them and then they start snaking with us. So yes, there are snakes all across the world.

I don’t know how you become a snake. I think it’s just in you and when you come to the CC show, that side of you is released through the holy spirit. That’s how you get a snakeboy. It’s really a true miracle. Anyone can become a snakeboy or snakegirl. There’s only one snakeboss.

You can become a boss and a snake person, but you ain’t gonna be Cancer Christ snakeboss. You can be a snakebabe or snake anything, but you ain’t going to be snake-momma. So there’s only one snakeboss, there’s only one snake-momma, there’s only one St.Anthony and there’s only one Jesus fucking Christ. If that makes sense. Amen.

Q: What is the greatest threat to the good Lord, besides bitch ass Satan?

A: Satan is a bitch huh. I think Satan is a cop. He’s probably a sergeant. Little fucking bitch. Satan is a cuck. Not that there’s anything wrong with cucks, but he’s God’s cuck. But obviously, the biggest threat to the true word of Jesus Christ, and not that bible bullshit, is the church itself. And it always has been.

Organized religion, and it’s funny because we’re becoming pretty organized ourselves, has always been the damnation of the people. It’s always been the downfall of the religion itself. It’s this idea that we know better than you, and if you give us all your money, we’ll give you the secret information. We’ll give you these nutrients, but you gotta keep paying for these nutrients, and we’ll get you up to our kingdom. That’s not what God talks about. It’s not even what the bible talks about. So if you wanna be a hypocrite, your fucking bible talks about taking in the sick, the poor, the fucking scum. Who am I to call anybody scum? But, it’s reaching out and legitimately helping out the worst of the worst. You have mega-churches saying this but at the same time, they are flying into these huge services. It’s not just arena services, there’s churches in your local neighborhood that are doing this. That are not about the community, that are not about helping people. I got nothing against any religion that’s helping people in the community. As long as it’s coming from a place of love and they aren’t doing shady shit on the down-low. I love that.

So the biggest downfall, of all faiths, is.. I guess you call them zealots? The biggest damnation of the church is organized church itself and its hypocrisy. Most churches have huge parking lots so they can have more real estate that’s tax-exempt. There’s a couple of churches, I forgot the names, that have turned their parking lot into homes and facilities for the homeless and people with mental health problems. All my family has mental health problems. I don’t use drugs, I don’t drink any alcohol. I think it’s the only reason I’m not out on these streets of Vegas right now passed out or trying to steal from you. All my family does and a lot of them are fucked. A lot of my friends are fucked up too. Almost all of Stockton is where I’m from, almost all of Vegas. Jesus is love. Cancer Christ is love. That’s why we are knocking on doors. Spreading love.

Q: What is the backstory of the “Satan is a cunt” shirt?

A: The origin of that shirt comes from Cradle of Filth’s most famous shirt. It was very popular, I think in the 90’s, and I always grew up seeing it. In big bold font, it says Jesus Is a Cunt. As Christians, we couldn’t have that any longer. Jesus can be a cunt, but he’s not A cunt. Satan’s a cunt. Satan’s a bitch. So we had to write that in the same font of Cradle of Filth. I hope I don’t get sued by you, Danny Filth. We’re on the same team. We’re both good Christians. I took that font and changed it to what it really is. Satan is cunt, not Jesus. Although he can be. That lady at Blue Berry Hill gave like a 40% discount because I had the word cunt on my shirt and I told her about the Jesus is a cunt shirt. She looked it up and was appalled. Though for some reason she’s okay with a shirt that says Satan is a Cunt in her fine Christian book establishment.

Q: Any last words?

A: I’ll leave you with this. Be ready for Cancer Christ to take over the fucking planet. We wanna run the planet before God comes back and destroys it. We wanna ride with Jesus and cut heads off, and melt fucking bodies. That’s what we want.

So, you might not know us today, you might not know us tomorrow. Soon enough you’ll know the church of CC. You might see us burning an effigy or baptizing your 11-year-old in blood, but you will know the church of Cancer Christ. If you want us to come to your town, to the East Coast, to Brazil, to Canada, you gotta tithe. So hit me up, we accept donations.

We’re not going to take your money and spend it on blueberry blessings. We’re going to put it right back into the band so we can come see you. And spread the love.

If you need me, come up to me. Come up to a snakeboy. Give us a hug. Tell us what’s going on in your life. We will listen. We want you to be loved and not afraid of this scary ass world. We want you to live it and have a good time. And remember, those sins are paid for. That doesn’t mean you get to be a piece of shit though. That doesn’t mean you get to abuse beautiful people and turn them into garbage. But, if you wanna do that, that’s on you. You will pay the ultimate price. God bless ya! Amen! Hallelujah, brotha.


Photo by: Juan Perez

Stay Tuned:

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