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EP Review: Max Swan Sails Into New Waters with "Slow Jail (Live from The Church)"

Philadelphia’s own, Max Swan Music, returns with an impressive live rendition of Slow Jail.


Recommended for Fans of: Gus Dapperton, Masego, BADBADNOTGOOD

A strong piece to start with, Woohoo displays Max swan and his ensemble’s innate ability to draw the listener in with a serene vibe. Bass and electronic drums build a comfortable soundscape to drift away in. The soft guitar adds a calm ambiance that works well to compliment the entire sound. Like adding the perfect amount of spice to your favorite meal. Vocals enter with feelings of a familiar struggle and the band settles you into a silky smooth groove. Swan is able to display the expertise of the saxophone with his improvisational jazz consistency. His sound is a refreshing mix of classical jazz and progressively creative R&B with hip hop as a guiding hand. This transitions flawlessly into the second track.

You’re immediately invited into a more intimate side of Swan's musical vision as “Change your Mind” begins. The band's synergy continues to move even the most hesitant of listeners into a place of relaxation. The saxophone performance effortlessly shines on, only further cementing Swan's caliber as a musician. Swans vocals push the song forward with a steady sentimental melody. If this specific genre doesn’t usually scratch that Itch for you, this song does a great time convincing skeptics. With an already revitalizing jazz architecture, it ends in a more familiar modern trap feel making a solid footing for the final piece to shine on.

The last track follows suit with the rest of the performance. Max elegantly makes use of his EWI (electronic wind instrument) and his shockingly flexible range to end on a beautiful note. Deciding to switch it up from the saxophone, which graces the first two tracks, adds a very nostalgic flair. Giving us more flavors of soul tunes of the past was a welcome and satisfying change. Vocally, mikes delivery is tasty. Switching into his falsetto with ease, the lyrics provide “Someday” with yearning energy. Don’t be shocked if you get that sudden urge to call the one that got away or stream the album this three-piece performance is based on. Simply an album and artist to get lost in, Slow Jail should be in your musical library.


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