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EP Review: Muby Beats Can't Help Himself With "Lo-Tide"

Instrumental Jazz/Chillhop producer Mubarak Alawi or Muby Beats can't contain his passion for music as he dives deep with "Lo-Tide". His latest collection of six tracks will have you grabbing that reef underneath your bed.


Recommended For Listeners of; Nujabes, Pete Rock, and Fat Jon Born in Muscat Oman in 1997, Mubarak started making music at the early age of 15, with lessons in classical piano starting even earlier. He continued with music all the way through middle, and high school at which point he began to discover his true inspiration and reasoning behind producing his own music and unique sound. With an eclectic array of underground influences, Alawi began releasing his music via SoundCloud under various aliases such as Hectic the Jammer, and Audotrophic at only 17. After graduating from Washington State University, he started composing music in a bedroom studio and truly began perfecting his craft for over a year creating nearly 500 individual tracks, with the greatest six beats becoming "Lo-Tide". The perfectionism and skill is audible in any of the tracks in this collection from the slow creeping breaks of "Primordial" to the cloud like sound wall that is "Heavenly". Try not to get lost on your way past "Jupiter" and be sure to take "Flying Saucers" to get there. Pass by a soothing sun with "Warmth" to end up caught in Muby beats' "Lo-Tide". Overall, this project has come to shine a light in the empty spaces of your imagination and spark a sense of creation. Certainly a project worth saving to your Spotify library, "Lo-Tide" offers the perfect melodic music to work to, play games or even just lounge out with friends. The accompanied cover art is the perfect portrayal of how this project will make you feel. Maybe call up a few good friends, order some pizza, take a load off and be sure to shuffle Muby Beats' "Lo-Tide"on repeat with the volume at max.

Just the other day, I had a chance to ask Mubarak a few questions about "Lo-Tide" and his plans for the future.


Here's what he had to tell us: Q: How did your newest project "Lo-Tide" come to be? A: "After entering university in Washington State, I stopped making music until the final year of my bachelor's degree. When the Covid 19 pandemic really began to cement itself as a long lasting public health crisis, I got back into making music to help pass the time. Despite my intentions to keep it as a simple hobby I found myself passionate about the craft and began working on making a beat tape I could be proud of. "Lo-Tide" is a collection of 6 beats of which I felt stood out from the rest of my music." Q: What are your plans for your music in the future? A: "Look forward to a full fledged hip hop single with a rapper and all that jazz releasing within the next month!"

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