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Exclusive Interview: Clairebear Airs It Out with Bedroom Pop Bliss

With only two singles released, Claire Koorenny, or Clairebear, is a 20-year-old singer, songwriter, and drummer from Los Angeles gaining momentum across internet scenes, with well over 100k streams on Spotify. By mixing up celestial, intimate vocals, confessional lyrics, and hopeful nostalgia, Clairebear dips her toes into the world of bedroom pop.


Recording live and direct from her bedroom studio, Clairebear makes dreamy, lo-fi pop that's ready to be taken on stage. With her two singles, "What If" and "Heartbeat", she's gathered an active following through sites like TikTok and Spotify, where she keeps her fans updated with her latest music and progress. When she's not making busy producing her own tunes or studying at USC, you can find her around the local scene in LA playing drums at different LA venues for the Venezuelan singer Dru Flecha.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Clairebear online before her next release.


Q: So how did you get into making music? Has living in LA contributed to that?

A: I got into making music when I started to play the drums. Once, I discovered drums and started to play, I realized I could contribute more to the music than just being the rhythm. I realized I could contribute my thoughts, words, feelings, dreams, etc through lyrics and melodies. Living in LA definitely contributed to it because I grew up here and would come to concerts regularly. Seeing live music definitely made me want to be up on the stage one day giving people a night to remember like the artists were doing for me.

Q: When did you start releasing music as Clairebear? How's that process been?

A: I started releasing music as Clairebear in 2020. The process has been amazing. It definitely does not go without its ups and downs but I learned so much through the experience and have been working on music every day since starting.

Q: Do you create your own visuals or perform?

A: I create all of my own visuals. I have not performed yet because I released everything right when COVID started, but I am hoping to play some shows soon!

Q: How've you been promoting your music?

A: I have promoted my music mostly through word of mouth and posting on social media.

Q: So you like to create Bedroom Pop, how did you get involved with this genre?

A: In regard to making bedroom pop, I absolutely fell in love with the idea that anyone who felt they had something to say to the world could do it through music. I love that there is no barrier for anyone to make music due to all of the technological advancements happening. My favorite artist is also Clairo who is one of the main bedroom pop artists. I love the sounds of this genre and the empowering idea behind it that welcomes everyone no matter their background. I love that you don’t have to be able to afford a fancy studio in order to make music anymore.

Q: Do you have any upcoming releases or projects in the works?

A: Currently, I am working on an EP inspired by my time here at USC and what I've learned and gone through, navigating the world away from home for the first time. The vibe of the EP is upbeat and fun and I want to give people the soundtrack to their favorite memories.

Q: Any goals or plans for the rest of the year?

A: My goals and plans for the rest of the year are to finish up the EP and hopefully release a single or two this summer!


Stay Tuned:

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