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Premiere: Things Get Heady With "Don't Mind Me" By Los Angeles Lo-Fi Indie Rock Artist SpaceyY

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

L.A. based Lo-Fi artist SpaceyY makes a reemergence with a bright and shiny new psychedelic rock single "Don't Mind Me" set to drop on all available platforms on Valentine's day, of 2022. Don't miss your first peek at SpaceyY's new "Fluff EP" with this perfect preview at what's to come with the 10 track EP, that is said to also feature three self-directed and edited music videos.


Recommended for listeners of; Cage The Elephant, The Garden, and Beck Spenser, aka SpaceyY, who has become popular for blending the Lo-Fi and Psychedelia genres before, is venturing into new soundscapes reminiscent of pop punk, garage rock, and bedroom pop. In only the first month of his recent move to the bright and shiny city of Los Angeles, California, SpaceyY has dropped a fresh and care free single inspired by city living, quick connections, and easy going friendships. All of it, recorded from the comfort of his bedroom studio, and he's titled this laid back jam "Don't Mind Me".

Fast paced, right to the point, and straight to your hearts with a Valentine's day release, SpaceyY ushers us into his new style with a March tour at multiple venues in L.A. and the Bay area. This set of shows will more than likely offer yet us another look at what Spenser has in store, and with the catchy guitar, lyrics, and backing drums the energy will be high anywhere his music is playing.

This venture into Lo-fi and Bedroom Pop is proving to pan out as the SoundCloud release has already reached almost 3k streams and if you don't already follow SpaceyY there, you might be missing out on not only pre-release music, but an entire collection of underground music that Spenser curates into playlists and listens too online while live streaming. As Spenser has sung to us before it takes "Nothing To Be Here", and tuning in to this amazing artist is sure to take a load off your shoulders with trippy edits, clear vision, and a mountain of support behind him and now you. Let your foot tap out the beats, your heart rate rise, and those secret dance moves you've been hiding out because you're amongst friends here, and wherever SpaceyY is blasting out loud. Repeat is certainly the only way to properly listen in, and if you happen upon this artist by happenstance then you know that synchronicity has brought you to the moment you were meant to be in. So enjoy that moment with Spenser and his friends that he's brought along to tell their stories. Regardless of the platform, transcend with SpaceyY this Valentine's and find a place to let go and lose yourself in his up and coming "Fluff" EP with more and more of the psychedelic pop punk ear candy and brain melting visual effects on their way to us now!

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