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Single Review: Dolly Dagger Puts A Nail In Your Coffin With "Say What You Wanna"

Australian-Angelino rock artist Dolly Dagger doesn't pull her punches as she hits her fans with her second single since the release of her first, "Break And Bend" in September of this year, It seems she's been lurking in the shadows scheming and plotting her next move. With not only the release of her upcoming single but a self made, edited, and filmed music video set to drop during the year's spookiest month it seems October was the perfect time for Dolly to let her inner demons out. Get ready to say hello to them with "Say What You Wanna". --------------------------------------------------------------

--------------------------------------------------------- Recommended for listeners of: Taking Back Sunday, Smashing Pumpkins, Phantogram Since High school in Australia Dolly has been strutting and strumming her stuff writing songs and playing shows with a local band that even developed a small following. Unfortunately this group split which prompted Dolly's move. However whilst in L.A she continued to network and learn the ropes with the help of her now producer. This eventually brought her to the conclusion, where over the course of a few year and lots of hard work, she decided to develop "Dolly Dagger", and with her latest string of singles which are killings in the making. Since 2021, Dolly has been slicing and dicing her way through music's biggest challenges “It took me two years to dig this metaphorical grave, but only two seconds in music video time,” Dolly says. “Burying a friendship can be hard. Sometimes you think you’ve moved on but you haven’t, so you have to do those little symbolic things for yourself like unfollowing or blocking. No current feelings were hurt in the making of this video, people come and people go. Either way, it’s good to find catharsis through creating art and expressing ourselves, even if at an exaggerated level. Remember, art is an expression. Don’t take it all too seriously. Kill your ego, not each other.” This metaphor Dagger conveys is even more prevalent in her music video, where she disposes of a corpse representing the long-time friendships and bonds we sometimes find we have to kill. With help from her long time friend, composer, and feature guitarist Jesse McInturff, and a cameo from "Phone Head Man" of her previous video Dolly captures her audience, binding them to watch as if you're forming a pact, which will later cause you're eventual Stockholm syndrome. The intense and surreal visual concept alongside the high octane guitar and vocal energy make for a wild ride much like a coaster at a theme park or a fright walk. The guerilla style shooting brings a menacing flare and clashes it with a unique hard rock style. Its of course the perfect track to rage to down the freeway too, while you think about those who don't exactly deserve you or your company at the present moment. A few days back we had the chance to ask Dolly some questions about her latest release ----------------------------------------------------------

--------------------------------------------------------------- Here's what she had to say Q. Have you had any other press coverage over your career? A." Yeah I was just recently in Rolling Stone India which was cool to see them embrace Independent artists from the countries. I was super stoked that Jose Galvan gave us a spin on KCRW and also to have been featured in LA’s own Grimy Goods. The support has been great and super encouraging" Q. How did you create your newest project, “Say What You Wanna”? A. "I wrote Say What You Wanna about a friendship that broke down and remember the demo being really loud, angry and messy because I made it in a bit of a rage so I wasn’t thinking about the technical process; I just turned on my DAW and went for it. Trying to re-create that energy in the studio recording was actually kind of hard! I used a few different microphones while tracking at home and had to take myself back to that feeling, it’s not quite as aggressing and raw as the demo, maybe one day I’ll release that for fun. The guitars were all tracked in a cabin around an hour and a half out from LA. I hired an Air bnb in the woods for a few days with my co-guitarist Jesse McInturff and Producer Matt Cerritos, we set up an iso cab, took every guitar and pedal we could find, some hardware and a computer rig then we got into tone shaping and recording 3 songs. It was a lot of fun and we’ll most likely do that again. Drums were tracked at Big Bad Sound here in LA, a great room and even better people, we had Dylan Howard in for the day to smash out a few songs and he’s an absolute machine on drums! Post production was at a new studio in the valley called Just For The Record, a killer space. A huge part of the visuals for Say What You Wanna were inspired by photographer and visual artist Erin Naifeh. Erin had this incredible idea for a photo shoot with the dagger and that really drove the black and white theme for the music video so massive shout out Erin because they turned out so great. Q. Do you have any promo you'd like us to add? A. "We’ll have another track and music video coming through the winter so following us across socials and streaming online is the best place to see us right now, the website is aways updated for the best links, but really looking forward to in person shows in 2022." Check out her press coverage here Stream "Say What You Wanna"

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