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Single Review: Saint James Jr. Opens Up with "Old Man Marco"

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Reminiscing on phases of growth, Saint James Jr. compiles his personal experience with wisdom into two minutes of head bopping hip hop. "Old Man Marco" is an underground gem waiting to be excavated by the new age.


Saint James Jr. a.k.a. Marcus Thomas is a contemporary artist from Eastside Indianapolis.

Thomas wrote a dope track called "Old Man Marco" apart of a project called Written Poems of Saint James Jr.

Produced by Chicago-based producer Serious Beats, the track has also been pitched for a license of use with the NBA. Thomas recorded by his own means to get the right intention behind the verses. The lyrical style creates a raw essence, the vocal delivery also reflects a homage to MC’s who recorded on cassette or even 8-track.

“I gotta keep it real,” Thomas spits knowledge in Panel – the second track from his newest release. Thomas explains how living on the west coast has influenced his sound. Although well before his path began making music, Thomas was playing as a professional athlete overseas.

“Staying across the pond [in Europe] helped me evolve as an artist,” Thomas recalls, recollecting how culture and fashion had a significant impact on him.

Thomas seeks to merge modern rap motifs with a nostalgic, classic hip hop approach. Looking forward, a new track titled, “Jackie Brown’ in the works.


Stay Tuned:

SoundCloud: Saint James Jr.

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