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Premiere: The Looseys "Freaps Delight"

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

SF Psych Rockers, The Looseys, link up with visual maestro Slim Reaper for their latest single. Satisfy your mind's eye and tap into "Freaps Delight".


We had the opportunity to chat with both of the artists about the new single.

Photo by: @malindijo

Here's what they had to say:

The Looseys:

Q: How long has The Looseys been making music? How’d you all get together?

A: We’ve been making music since May of 2019. We’ve known each other for quite some time, meeting by going to the same house shows or parties starting back around 2014.

Q: Have you played shows or been a part of the local scene out in SF?

A: Yes. We’ve been very lucky to play shows with some kickass bands. Going to shows here for the past few years you meet allot of rad people in different parts of the scene. One of our most recent performances was a socially distanced live stream winter formal through The Complex-SF.

The band Sore Thumb coordinated the show with sick bands such as Buzzedlightbeer, Shutups, Sarchasm, Whateverglades, and The Band Ice Cream. It was a lot of fun for sure.

Q: How the process been writing your newest project?

A: Some of these songs we wrote very quickly during the beginning of the band. We were trying to get enough songs for a show that we said we’d play a few weeks after forming.

For the first few shows these songs were brand new, so Eric would often make up new lyrics for each show. Anthony, our drummer, has been the brains behind our self recording process, which has been allot of fun.

For about six months of quarantine he was living in the palm desert. During that time the rest of the band visited and we filmed the "Drive" music video. While living there, Anthony mixed Freaps as well as a bunch of songs that’ll be on our up coming first album.