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Premiere: The Infinite Daisy Chains Break Loose with New Single "Better Off".

D.C.-based Psych pop duo, The Infinite Daisy Chains tap into new territory with a hypnagogic single "Better Off", released Oct. 27th in celebration of their latest show at the Songbyrd Music House with fellow sound wave sorcerer, Vinyl Williams.

Single Artwork
The Infinite Daisy Chains - "Better Off"

From meeting at a rehearsal in a dimly lit garage to tying the knot five years later in marriage, Ian Dandridge and Kristina Westernik-Dandridge now set off to spread a much-needed message of hope. Inspired by their honeymoon experience in the Californian desert, these DC-metropolitan-based artists decided to combine their love for creating and performing music to unravel The Infinite Daisy Chain.

With an ever-flowing sonic palette that sees them generate ideas from synthesizers, drum machines, and an array of live instrumentation, their sound fuses bedroom pop and electronica in a way that is unique to them. Kristina specializes in the violin, vocals, and Ableton push, whilst Ian is the guitarist of the duo. In 2023, they ventured out on a regional tour up and down the East Coast with sold-out shows in NYC, Baltimore, and Washington DC. Following their tours, they released a remix of Spaceface- "Earth in Awe" on Mothland Records on a compilation record with artists such as Pearl and the Oysters, Brothers Griiin (from the Flaming Lips), and other visionaries. Their remix gained traction and was featured as “Best New Music” on KCRW 89.9 FM, NPR’s largest affiliate radio station out of Los Angeles.

Freshly released on October 27th, The Infinite Daisy Chains conjure up a groovy new single, “Better Off”, on the same day as their show with psychedelic pop artist, Vinyl Williams, at Songbyrd Music House in Washington DC. Collectively, they want nothing more than for their reverb-drenched performances and recordings to serve as a salute to the music that brought the two of them together. With enchanting rhythm and spacious vocal tones reminiscent of atmospheres explored by artists like Blood Orange and Melody's Echo Chamber, "Better Off" is a psychedelic staple shining pearlescent among their dreamy discography.

The Infinite Daisy Chain
Ian Dandridge and Kristina Westernik-Dandridge

Q: Where are you all based?

A: We live in Northern VA outside Washington DC.

Q: What are your views on DIY culture and what's your local scene like?

A: DIY culture is the lifeblood of Washington DC. It is imperative for fostering community in the local music scene. As artists, we try to extend support to other local bands by attending their shows, buying their merch or even giving a shoutout online when new music drops. Although we aren't a hardcore band, which is what DC is particularly known for alongside subgenres such as go-go, many of these bands began by playing DIY house shows. Historic examples include iconic bands such as: Fugazi, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, and many more. Many bands' first demos were recorded in basements or in bedroom studios, which led to the establishment of the iconic Inner Ear Studios in Shirlington, VA. This studio was formed out of the community demand. For more information on Inner Ear, check out the DC episode of Sonic Highways, a documentary by the Foo Fighters.

Before the Inner Ear Studio was shut down in the past year due to gentrification and to create a new, "creative arts district," we were fortunate to record there with the legendary recording engineer, Don Zientara, during a showcase with the local DC collective, Bad Newz Bands. Bad Newz Bands cultivates a network of local musicians during the challenging times of the pandemic. Check out their website for more information on awesome local artists such as: Red Medicine, Kinda Evil, Lucaa, Natural E, Sinnastar, Blaudiss, and many more.

We're grateful to Bad Newz Bands for many great memories, attending their backyard showcases and weekly open mics. Another local collective we respect is Black Techno Matters. They release music from Black artists that "celebrates and expands upon the rich tapestry of Black electronic music." Shout out to their contributors: Bernard Farley, Stukes, and Blvksite. I appreciate them greatly especially because they 1) foster community by uplifting techno music from Black artists and 2) They collectively possess extensive music production acumen, which is inspiring to learn from!

Q: What Do You Value, What Drives Your Passion?

A: We value the ability to experiment with sound. We also hope to create music for the rest of our lives, if possible. Creating music is like breathing to us, we need it in our lives! We also strive to continuously learn, grow, and improve what we create. We think the means to doing so is creating and finishing songs. It's easier to sketch ideas the harder thing for us to do is complete a piece. Lastly, we hope to represent ourselves authentically in our songwriting, recordings, and performances.


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