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Exclusive Interview: Getting Mystic with Jason Alessi and VoKillz

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Underground pioneers, Jason Alessi and VoKillz, have been crashing down their wave of mystic death rap for the past 5 years. Currently located in LA, the two artists are building a name for themselves by blending their own mix of hardcore rap straight rooted in the DIY scene.


Hailing from Buffalo, New York, Jason Alessi and VoKillz started collaborating on music after meeting up in Guitar Center back in 2015. Previously involved in the local metal scene, the two decided to infuse their passion for heavy music with underground rap. They quickly got to work, collaborating with infamous artists like $uicideboy$ and shooting videos for tracks like "Suspects" and "TearDaClubUp".

As solo artists, VoKillz conjures up his self proclaimed "mystic creature death rap" while Jason taps into a more emotional trap atmosphere with heavy undertones. When the two unite their talents, the dark magic happens. Tracks like "Chris is Dead" and "Ev0lution" further cement their standing as true DIY pioneers for the oncoming wave of hardcore rap that's itching to make impact.

Within the past two years, a wild chain of events caused the two to chase their aspirations and find better opportunities out in Los Angeles. After ganging some notoriety from a viral meme and auditioning for American Idol, VoKillz took the plunge once he was offered to fly out to CA to star in the latest season. Shortly after moving out to the west coast, Jason made the move to link up so the two could start building their path within the LA underground.

Staying true to their passions, the two put themselves out there and started making connections like a wildfire, meeting iconic artists like Eddy Baker and Xavier Wulf. The grind is definitely paying off since they're sharing stages with some of their biggest inspirations and gaining the attention of underground media outlets like Cloud Kill. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of upcoming tunes from these legends in the making, they're eager to share new videos and overall vision.

We had the opportunity to catch up with the two right after they closed a set in LA.


Here's what they had to say:

Q: So when did you two start making music together?

A: (VoKillz) So we first met in a Guitar Center, playing drums at a drum off in Buffalo New york. 

(Jason) Yeah we were playing blast beats and breakdowns, this kid turns around and he’s like, “hey, you like Whitechapel?” and I was like, “fuck yeah dude”. We just started talking, ya know what I’m saying, I hit him up on Facebook.