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Exclusive Interview: Getting Mystic with Jason Alessi and VoKillz

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Underground pioneers, Jason Alessi and VoKillz, have been crashing down their wave of mystic death rap for the past 5 years. Currently located in LA, the two artists are building a name for themselves by blending their own mix of hardcore rap straight rooted in the DIY scene.


Hailing from Buffalo, New York, Jason Alessi and VoKillz started collaborating on music after meeting up in Guitar Center back in 2015. Previously involved in the local metal scene, the two decided to infuse their passion for heavy music with underground rap. They quickly got to work, collaborating with infamous artists like $uicideboy$ and shooting videos for tracks like "Suspects" and "TearDaClubUp".

As solo artists, VoKillz conjures up his self proclaimed "mystic creature death rap" while Jason taps into a more emotional trap atmosphere with heavy undertones. When the two unite their talents, the dark magic happens. Tracks like "Chris is Dead" and "Ev0lution" further cement their standing as true DIY pioneers for the oncoming wave of hardcore rap that's itching to make impact.

Within the past two years, a wild chain of events caused the two to chase their aspirations and find better opportunities out in Los Angeles. After ganging some notoriety from a viral meme and auditioning for American Idol, VoKillz took the plunge once he was offered to fly out to CA to star in the latest season. Shortly after moving out to the west coast, Jason made the move to link up so the two could start building their path within the LA underground.

Staying true to their passions, the two put themselves out there and started making connections like a wildfire, meeting iconic artists like Eddy Baker and Xavier Wulf. The grind is definitely paying off since they're sharing stages with some of their biggest inspirations and gaining the attention of underground media outlets like Cloud Kill. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of upcoming tunes from these legends in the making, they're eager to share new videos and overall vision.

We had the opportunity to catch up with the two right after they closed a set in LA.


Here's what they had to say:

Q: So when did you two start making music together?

A: (VoKillz) So we first met in a Guitar Center, playing drums at a drum off in Buffalo New york. 

(Jason) Yeah we were playing blast beats and breakdowns, this kid turns around and he’s like, “hey, you like Whitechapel?” and I was like, “fuck yeah dude”. We just started talking, ya know what I’m saying, I hit him up on Facebook. 

This kid would just post funny ass shit everyday and talk about his band and all the crazy shit going down in the hood out in Riverside, so when we finally talked more about linking I was like, “I gotta chill with this kid cuz he’s funny as hell”. 

(VoKillz) Yea, then he’d always come out and support my band and shit.

(Jason) Nah, I went to one show and it was my first time seeing you guys and I wasn’t sure what to think. After seeing you play live, I was like, “okay this shit is fucking hard”, but you guys broke up not too long after that. So then I was like, “I got this rap song I want someone to scream on. It was like in 2014 on a Young Thug beat and I was like, “I want that kid to spit on it cuz his voice is crazy”. 

This was around the same time I started to hear his VoKillz music too. I was like, “okay, he’s got the cryptic mystic death heavy trap beats. I gotta get this kid on this shit”. Then we just started linking up and he got me on those mystic death trap beats.

Q: Did you two shoot the video for “Suspects“ shortly after linking?

A: (VoKillz) Oh yea, that was the first big video we did where we were like, “let’s do whatever the fuck we want. This song’s crazy.” We recorded it in my mom’s basement when we were on a bunch of adderall and shit. We were like, “yo we’re gonna kill it, we’re gonna do it”. Pigman was there. 

(Jason) Yea shoutout Pigman.

(VoKillz) So yeah, we did that and we’d troll Facebook groups. It was crazy. Then we worked on two dope tracks produced by $uicideBoy$, “Nine Tear Dome Hoe” and “Tear the Club Up” and we got some videos for that shit too. 

Q: When did you guys decide to move to California?

A: (VoKillz) Well see, I came out here for American Idol and shit. Me and my mom were like, “yo, we gotta get Jason out here”.

(Jason) Yeah, I mean the whole plan was that he was coming out for that and he wanted me to come too but I didn’t want to do American Idol. He just blew up with that Tosh.O coke meme and I’m like, “you can run in that lane because you’ve already got the meme. Lemme fucking handle it this way and we’re gonna bring that shit together”. So he went out and did that and I was like, “I’m gonna come out but since I don’t have time, lemme wait a little bit and save up some more money”. 

You know, LA’s crazy as hell and my man’s was out here alone and the kid he linked up with was honestly bullshit. He couldn’t really fuck with him anymore, so his mom was like, “Jason you’ve gotta get out there soon”. He was doing okay out here, but we were talking and he was like, “you need at least two people you know out here at least so we can get shit poppin”. So I pretty much came like the week after that. We linked up in Hollywood and I’d never been out here in CA other than to Pomona for Warped Tour. 

Q: That’s sick, so how long has it been since you made that move?

A: (Jason) It’s almost been two years, right?

 (VoKillz) Yeah, it’s definitely been like two years now. 

Q: How does the LA scene differ from your local scene out in NY?

A: (VoKillz) Oh my god, it’s beautiful. I love it out here, but I love Buffalo too. It’s what helped make me and Jason and shit, like dude there’s a lot of support out there for us. There really is, but out here it’s just balls to the fucking wall. This is what everyone wants to do, it’s what everyone comes out here to do, then you’re doing it. 

(Jason) LA’s got a lot to live up to too because a lot of legendary shit has happened out here. Buffalo has a lot of great energy because it hasn’t had as much history there, so people are trying to make it happen. It’s a beautiful thing because the underground scene there is flourishing for sure, like it’s really coming up. 

I just did a big show out there. There’s this girl out there who does a thing called “Ghosts on Tape” and it’s basically the same type of warehouse; a lowkey underground joint where we just did the type of shit we do out here. I feel like personally, to get that shit poppin, we have to mix in with this shit and bring some of that energy back.

Q: Was it easy to make connections out here in LA or did you have to grind pretty hard at first?

A: (VoKillz) We definitely had to grind, but once you start doing it, it doesn’t fucking stop. You put yourself in that position, in those places where it happens, you’ll make it happen. When you doubt yourself, that’s when it doesn't happen. That’s what’s so dope out here. I miss going to the Rainbow and the Whiskey, all those fucking dope ass bars. You’re just chilling with everyone, like Cypress Hill and shit, you know what I mean. 

Q: Yeah, that’s dope. You were basically speaking everything into existence, are you a firm believer in that?

A: (VoKillz) Oh yeah, because that’s what’s happening. 

(Jason) Yeah, it just happened right now. We literally talk about people that we listen to and us doing things with them. Like when we were out in Buffalo and he was like, “you know one day, we’re gonna be chilling in LA with these people just smoking blunts and it’ll be whatever”. That’s what it is like right now. We’re still grinding to get our spot, but the fact that we’re out here doing it is very inspiring. 

I was saying this when we first came out here too, but I think it’s easier for us because we’ve put in the work beforehand. I would say for anyone who’s trying to move to LA, “try to put in work with whatever you’re doing in the meantime because everything you do will follow you”. 

It happened with you last time we met, you were like, “yo, I know you from your work with VoKillz”. That’s exactly what I mean, otherwise I’d just be out here but since I did some shit beforehand, you recognized me.

That’s the crazy shit I tell him, and we’re like, “oh shit man that’s awesome”. Again I appreciate this shit. 

Q: Are you guys familiar with synchronicities?

A: (Jason) Yeah, of course. 

(Spenser) I feel like this situation is one. A lot of people let the media and Internet build artists up to be bigger than reality, but meeting the artists in person and capturing their stories lets people know that these artists are genuinely just working. 

(Jason) That’s the great thing about being out here, you get to see that. The mystique of the Internet is good for building shit up, but it’s great to see that people are actually just cool in person. 

Q: What are some things you’ve been excited to work on recently?

A: (VoKillz) Aw man, we just filmed a dope ass music video. Our homie Baby Flex just shot it for us. It’s called “The Devil Walks the Earth”. It’s dope because it’s got this fucking 80’s vibe, but it’s a new cryptic style that hasn’t really been touched upon yet. I feel like it’s going to hit hard and it’s cool because it’s our first video out here that’s really good quality.

It’s dope as fuck, we also have a bunch of other tracks we’re working on with some legendary cats. Should we mention it?

(Jason) Mention everything you’ve got the verse for.

(VoKillz) Okay, so we’re working on a song produced by $uicideBoy$, it’s Layzie Bone, Spice 1, MC Mac, Krayzie Bone, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, and Lil’ Flip. Shoutout MC Mac, he’s my homie bro. You know, he’s a huge inspiration and it’s cool that he’s so humble. We built this relationship, so now we’re doing legendary shit. I love it.

(Jason) Yeah bro, we’re real happy that these shows are popping back off again. This is what it’s all about, so shout out Mikey and Eddy for making that shit happen. This is really all it takes, for someone to kind of put something together. Obviously so many people are doing so many things, people are willing to go out to an event now, so it’s all about throwing it and building up from there. 

(Spenser) Oh yeah, have you seen Wayne’s World 2. Throw a show and the people will come. 

(Jason) Yeah, hell yea. Exactly bro, that’s what they did. They built a legendary festival. You know that’s really all it takes with everything that’s popped off here. You can talk about the Adam Goes Ham shows, Rar3house, it all starts somewhere. You watch the Rar3house shows and they got 21 Savage and Post Malone in a little fucking warehouse in LA like 5 years ago. That shit’s cool because they didn’t know those artists would get so big, they didn’t know their shit would last so long and keep popping to this day. 

The last show I played before this shit, JGRXXN was there with Xavier Wolf, Chxpo, Black $murf, Chris Travis, everyone was there. It was crazy as shit bro. That shit was huge. 

(VoKillz) Shout out to fucking JGRXXN, bro. Hell yeah. 

(Spenser) Oh yeah for sure, even this venue you played tonight is legendary. I was hearing around that Xavier Wolf used to play here a lot too.

(Jason) Yeah, his store’s right there. It’s the old icon store. That’s where I first met Mikey and Xavier too. We all linked there, it was like two years ago, but yeah a lot of legendary motherfuckers have played here like Wolf and Peep. 

Q: It seems like the underground is thriving down here, do you think another wave of music is coming? 

A: (VoKillz) Hell yeah, there’s a huge wave coming bro. We’re definitely involved in being the legendary pioneers of this mystic creature shit. That’s really what it comes down to, but there’s something big coming; a huge change in music of all cultures and genres. 

(Jason) I think a lot of people are pushing towards that too. We definitely are, but so many other artists are too you can see it. There’s definitely a lot of clones, copycats, people that aren’t in it for the art but the followers. There’s also a lot of motherfuckers that are sick of that, so they’re doing their own thing.

(Spenser) That’s true, I’ve been appreciating how alot of people are blending genres together. 

(VoKillz) It’s beautiful bro, I love it so much dude. We’ve all been working so hard for this, you know what I’m saying, and everyone else in the underground. I’m excited man, there’s a lot of good stuff coming out. Especially like what you’re saying too, with all the heaviest rap shit being blended with deathcore and death metal. 

(Jason) yeah, like how we were saying, we met doing blast beats and breakdowns. We were always on that shit, but I started out as a normal rapper with some lyrical shit, like some trap shit.

Around the time I met him, he was really starting to put the scream to beats. So naturally from the beginning in 2015, we were just like, “we wanna mix this up because we fucked with it”. Anytime we’d tell people about it, they’d be like, “what the fuck”.

(VoKillz) I mean we’ve always been our own artists doing our own shit, but when we collaborate and come together, we just make the dopest shit. 

(Jason) Yeah now you see waves of hella artists that scream and it’s a great thing because it’s a platform for everybody. You know what I mean, that shit can just keep getting bigger and bigger. When stuff starts popping off too fast, that’s when the industry tries to get it’s hands on it. It’s inevitable, so we’ve gotta fight to keep that shit in the underground right now. Not keep it unknown, but keep it free and independent. 

Q: Any last words you’d want to leave for upcoming artists looking to dive into the underground?

A: (VoKillz) Yeah, don’t ever give up and don’t get mad like “I’ve gotta quit this” because even I do that sometimes. Just keep grinding and surround yourself with people that wanna do it or who’re already doing it, making moves. If you really want to do something, just go for it. 

Shout out to everyone we’ve been working with. Like I said, we’ve got a lot of crazy music coming out with a lot of fucking talented people. Shout out to everyone in the underground, this shit is going to be fucking sick. 

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