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Exclusive Interview: Euro-Trippin' With Saint James Jr.

Currently based in Luxembourg, Saint James Jr. is taking strides with his passion for fashion while tapping into the underground rap scene out in Milan. Sourcing elevated energy from the insights and experiences gathered from life in Europe, Saint James Jr. is back with the latest singles "DE$IGNER" and "FASHION". With his debut EP, I Hope You Find Happiness, on the way, these stand-alone tracks propel the listener into a rabbit hole, eager to hear more.

Saint James Jr. Milan
Saint James Jr.

Originally from Indianapolis, IN, Saint James Jr. is a visionary whose roots lie in a few different lanes. Fashion and music drive his creative force and they've led him all across the states. Building expertise on the West Coast before moving out to Europe around 2021, he sent it across the pond with new opportunities sprouting upon arrival.

Saint James Jr. Live
Saint James Jr.

While leaning into modeling and designer fashion, Saint James Jr. has started exploring new soundscapes for his debut EP. The newest single "DE$IGNER" is a laid-back bop where James' flow floats on the smooth production like smoke rings around a sunlit living room. When the universe poses the question "How would you design the perfect partner", Saint James Jr. answers with a serenading cadence and rhythm that lets the track groove and bounce while still spreading a genuine message.

On the switch side, "FA$HION" has an ethereal sound that sparks ideas for new genres like ominous cloud rap or dream drill. Saint James Jr. fashions his own style with the delayed vocals and slice-and-dice-like flow. Speaking facts over droning synths and subs, this single's a knockout that reels listeners into the ring. Ready to listen further?

We caught word of Saint James Jr. about two years ago with the release of his single "Old Man Marco" and got to catch up to reflect and expand on the time passed.


Stay Tuned:

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