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Exclusive Interview: A Limitless View Takes theblankcanvas to New Heights

North Carolina-based alternative artist theblankcanvas rises up as a prolific underground artist. Releasing over six mixtapes in his six month run on Soundcloud, theblankcanvas isn't bound by genre and keeps an optimistic view when it comes to experimenting with new sounds.

Mixing a variety of styles including alternative rap, rage, and hyperpop, theblankcanvas finds a way to stay fresh with every drop. A pallete of beat choices and cadence switches fill up his latest projects "My Time" and "Sanctuary", where listeners can expect to drift away into spaced out soundscapes.

Theblankcanvas has a promising year in store. His discography's already packed with hidden gems. His next step's to start making visuals and performing so he can share his music with a wider audience. Stay tuned, he's got some new music on the way.

We had a chat with theblankcanvas earlier this week.


Here's what he had to say:

Q: Where are you based? Is there much of a local music scene where you grew up?

A: I am based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. As for the music scene there’s nothing much going on besides the fact that Dababy from town.

Q: When did you first start making music as Theblankcanvas? How'd that happen?

A: I started making music as a few different names but the “independent variable” was my earlier alias. “theblankcanvas” hit me while I was really deciding what genre I wanted to begin perfecting. I slowly realized I didn't want to be a one trick pony and I needed to find a way to perfect as many genres as possible. “You can do anything with a blank canvas” I thought. And so I took “Theblankcanvas” and plan to stick with it.

Q: What was it like when your first started recording? Has that process changed much?

A: Oh man I sucked when I first started recording, but I knew I had it in me. I was recording on a blue yeti podcasting microphone with a broken usb input that would always fall out. It sucked. After some time I upgraded my whole set up and my artist ability took off! My process of recording has changed way too much to even try and talk about.

Q: What're your thoughts on Soundcloud vs other streaming sites?

A: I love SoundCloud! My first ever releases are all on there. I only released on SoundCloud because I was not willing to put the money forth to get my music onto all platforms, also I didn’t think I was even good enough to?

I mean how the hell can I have my music up on a platform with artist like Trippie Redd and Juice WRLD, I just didn’t feel right. But as time went on my music got a lot better and I felt it was right to finally begin to release on the larger platforms. My first single released on all platforms is “levels”, it is also my most streamed song currently!

Q: Have you performed any shows yet, where would you want to perform?

A: Sadly I have not performed any shows yet besides the rolling loud performances I’ve performed in my head and in my room. I don’t really have a dream performance location, I mean I would love to perform in my home town would be pretty sick!

Q: Any new projects/singles in the works?

A: Yes my fans can expect a new project releasing in February, no official date yet but that’s the month for sure! I might release a single before hand but I’m not to sure yet…

Q: Any goals for 2022?

A: My goals are to grow a real fan base and get to 1k monthly listeners on Spotify in 2022!

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