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Album Premiere: KillCosmos Blasting Off with "Black Horizon Cult"

Shedding perspective on life in the urban jungle, Kill Cosmos stokes the fires of OG boom-bap hip hop in speaking on his truths and tales emerging from the hood. The Louisiana rapper brings new life to the old school style embodied in his flows and wordplay.


With the past track “Protocol,” Kill Cosmos illustrates how classic production combined with laidback flows fuels dankness. The tones used in this track remind me of Ab Soul in his early projects such as Long Term and Control System. Producer 5ivekay did this track incredible justice with the layering of instruments done impeccably.

Scope the newest heat by Kill Cosmos here:

His past project “Kill Szn” shares similarities with classics such as “’93 ‘til Infinity” or even “1999.” The production, flows and vocal delivery are continuous with creative energy.




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