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Single Review: WHYBORNE quells the squalls with "Unless The Storm Sets"

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Get ready for the perfect mixture of liquid guitar riffs, emo rap, and trap beats with "Unless The Storms Sets", a recent single from Central Californian WHYBORNE as he sets his sight on the bright lights of Los Angeles. With a track that is just right for a string of downtown loitering with the locals, WHYBORNE takes you with him like a heavy bag over his broad shoulder.


Recomended for listeners of; Deftones, Lil Peep, Cage The Elephant At only 18 years old, WHYBORNE is already diving head first into the industry without a second to lose. Since thirteen he's been interested in music and its neon signs, but only since 2017 has he taken a serious approach towards writing music his specific musical goals. Well, the central valley of California is a sublime location for the up and coming artist and WHYBORNE has definitely taken in it's influence.

His main purpose behind "Unless The Storm Sets" is a familiar reasoning for many artists, a girl. With a full range of emotion and a plethora of feelings WHYBORNE ties it all together almost as if writing a letter to an old friend, states away. His lyricism only becomes more apparent with this symbolism backing it. All recorded from the safety and comfort of his own bedroom studio, and with the help of producer @prod.rinne, he takes a step in what he can only describe as the right direction. The alternate routes and advertised shortcuts seem to pose no distraction to WHYBORNE on his musical pilgrimage, and his destination, the glamour of the Hollywood Hills. Spending somewhere in the ballpark of two years perfecting and polishing his first album titled "With Nothing But Me To Save Myself", he can't yet put a time stamp on when listeners will get to hear what he's been crafting. However a single track from the album will be released soon for all of his fans, new and old, titled "Lost In The Trees". Keep yourself in the WHYBORNE loop as he ventures into his own unknown by following his streaming platforms and social media accounts, and be sure to let him know who sent you.


With SoundCloud being the chosen platform to host his music he brings a personal yet far out delivery style of lyrics to a suave anthem rock style of guitar work. Traps beats in the background only add to the head bumping notion you get while blasting "Unless The Storm Sets" and his other tracks. Alternative rock with a swell of rap and an overcast of vocals happens to be the perfect tempest for WHYBORNE as he surfs into your ear holes.

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