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Premiere: Texas Emo Band, Genius Christ Supplies Something New

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Based in Denton, Tx, the four piece just released their latest project Away is Not the Only Way to Fade. Mellow rhythms and clearly driven vocals allow it to stand out as a nice twist from early 2000's, distortion drenched, emo rock.


Shot by: Fisher Mays


Recommended for listeners of: Alex G, The Microphones, Jeff Rosenstock

Highlight Tracks: Walled Garden, Stone Cold

Genius Christ is made up of Connor Kokora - Guitar/Vocals, Riley Cottrell - Guitar/Vocals, Josh Wright - Bass/Vocals, Brock Tacker - Drums. Thanks to executive producer Fisher Mays and Michael Briggs, the project was recorded, mixed and mastered at the beginning of this year.

Emotions flow throughout the entire project. The introspective lyrics really take the listener on a ride while the dynamic beat choices add a nice element of surprise or anticipation. The range between Cottrell and Kokora's vocals also add a lot of intensity to the steady grooves found on tracks like Silicon Valley, and Window.

It's clear Genius Christ has stepped up since their self titled EP. I wouldn't be surprised to see the group on a flier near you once they're ready to take their music on the road. The band is on point, looking forward to their next ventures.

Shot by: Fisher Mays

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