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Single Review: Odilon Brings the Bite with "Bit the Bottle"

The Sacramento-based indie punk group, Odilon, is back with a feel-good single "Bit the Bottle". A punk rock classic waiting to be blasted at your next kickback, the single's nostalgic quality is straight out of an early 90's skate film.


Recommended for listeners of: NOFX, Green Day, Soul Coughing

Dedicated to shining light on real-world happenings and events through surreal lyricism and a modern sense of flash and style, Odilon, is a new age punk band ready to tear up stages and build local music communities through their love of music. Recent releases like "Right Below the Shoulders" and "California Bear" helped make their mark on Northern California's underground rock scene and active social media engagement keeps them in tune with their fans.

Vocalist and main lyricist, Jorge Montesano carries the music forward with the help of various friends and musicians, including former bassist and lyricist, Anthony Equibel, who wrote the lyrics for songs like "Bit the Bottle" and "The DogHouse". These two songs along with "California Bear" and "Your Soul" were recorded, mixed, and mastered at Sac City Audio with the help of famed sound engineer Robert Honablue and producer Tatyana Ilyanov at the start of 2021.

Their latest single, "Bit the Bottle", is a callback to a pre-pandemic time when shows were more frequent and had that familiar kick to them. Moshpits and beer, leather jackets and second-hand smoke; the spirit of rock and roll lives on with songs like this. Odilon serves a special treat with the chugging guitars and gritty vocals paired with a sizzling solo. Fans looking to feed their minds will be well fed after putting this track on rotation.

Looking ahead, Odilon has various performances in the upcoming future in the greater Sac Area as well as possible Bay Area/LA shows, with fresh tracks dropping nearly every month. Odilon is also currently featured on the Hidden Bands app and collaborates with a slew of other artists.


Stay Tuned with Odilon

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