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Single Review: Lil Seltrah Keeps it Real with "Home Town Hatred"

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Clout Culture founder, Lil Seltrah aka Brett Deadly shares a genuine message with his newest single, "Home Town Hatred". To all the haters or doubters out there, be aware that your negativity won't put a dent in Seltrah's ride toward stardom.


Photo by: Brett Deadly


Based in Arizona, Lil Seltrah has carved a name for himself within the local underground scene by creating a multi-media outlet for independent artists and constantly putting out hard hitting anthems. A master networker and dedicated craftsman, Seltrah stays persistent when it comes to building his personal brand and creating unique soundscapes.

The new single, "Home Town Hatred", is a misfit masterpiece aimed toward all the clout chasers and wannabe idols. If you're involved in underground culture, it's almost a prerequisite to have hate coming in from all directions, especially when you're fulfilling you're dreams at a faster pace than your supposed supporters. You know the types of people who "change like the seasons" or switch up their appearance/character just to fit in with the latest trend. It's a bold generalization, but it's an unfortunate truth. Clout causes people to act out of pocket all the time just for a quick taste of fame or validation.

Lil Seltrah rises above all the flack with his eyes on the paper. Destined to make a change, Seltrah just "wants to stay high" where he can escape the past and bring forward a new reality. Stay tuned in to Seltrah's journey. He's bound to make history with the momentum he's built up these past few years.

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