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Single Review: Ded Stark Lets Loose with "Runaway"

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Currently based in the Pacific Northwest, Ded Stark is an underground legend who's forever dedicated to his craft. With a seemingly never-ending drive for creativity, Ded Stark consistently puts out new music while diving into other realms of art like animation and voice acting. His newest single "Runaway" is a testament to his unique ability to shape sonic atmospheres that transport listeners into his world.


Photo by: @corrinkalaniphoto


"Runaway" is the first single from Ded Stark's upcoming project "UNDERPOP" which is set to drop on June 15th. It's the perfect track to hightail away from any demons or doubts that might be troubling your mind. It's like an escape room for listeners where relatable lyrics and Adult Swim-esque visuals act as clues or pointers for audience members who wish to get away from their anxieties or inner turmoil.

Completely made from scratch, he does it all. From production and vocals to mixing and mastering, Ded Stark takes his passion for music serious. To push it a step further, he recently taught himself how to animate cartoons so he could give his songs a bit more of a personal touch. After releasing "Still Dedicated", this track's his second fully animated music video and he's really beginning to get the hang of tapping into some higher vision that breathes a new life into his songs.


Don't Sleep On It

Stay Tuned with Ded Stark:

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