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Single Review: Ash Your Cigarette, DED STARK and ASHXS just dropped "PHOENIX"

A lot of good music has been circulating around the underground in 2022 so far. DED STARK and ASHXS have added their own flavor to the mix with their recent release "PHOENIX". It's a vibe-out tune that revamps the throwback “Soundcloud rap” sound by crossing it with an almost lo-fi feel.


Recommended for listeners of Bone$, Yung Lean, Goner

Coming in hot out from the depths of Soundcloud, two underground legends collide leaving us with our heads bopping along to their chaotic charm. DED STARK and ASHXS have been splashing around DIY scenes for a few years now, netting over 3 million streams among the two for classic tracks like "DED END" and "See Me Again". They're both stand-alone artists with discographies deep enough to dive into, so do yourself a favor and reel in this gem before your next smoke sesh.

STARK takes the song in a melodic direction with the production and hook, leaving ASHXS to show off his versatility with an equally melodic and emotional verse. All in all the song may seem sad, but if you break down the lyrics it’s more about resilience and never giving up. The song also comes with a fun animated music video, made by DED STARK himself, which features cartoon versions of each artist raging along to the song. The video has a quirky low budget 2d vibe that'll capture anyone who's fond of old-school cartoons and animations. There's a nostalgic sense to the song/video that'll hit everyone a little differently. Be advised, you never know, this song might just set your speakers on fire.


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