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Single Review: Andrew Thomases and his Compelling Track "Cure Me"

It seems the Bay Area is the perfect caldera for conscious musicians such as Andrew Thomases, with his new single Cure Me, out on streaming services now. Given the current state of events in the world, it’s no wonder why Andrew is wide awake and attempting to

wake his listeners up with him.


Recommended for listeners of: Cake, Lou Reed, The Cure

With northern New York being the location of Andrew Thomases’ origin story, he brings a captivating sense of underground New York’s retro 80’s and 90’s to a modern style of melody and lyricism. However his recent move to the city of San Francisco has brought out his comedic yet self-aware sense of vision to light in his new single “Cure Me”. Andrew aims to take his listeners with him on his journey through music, world events and life itself as if they were close friends catching up.

Andrew is not without influences himself, witnessing his father play bass throughout his childhood he eventually decided to pick one up himself at the young age of twelve years old. From that point on he was hooked, organizing cover bands throughout his high school career, developing his ear and voice, which furthermore led him to DJ for his college’s radio station.

Nowadays Andrew finds himself influenced by the bay area, its experiences, and the challenges it poses. With his strong beliefs about the world and our role to play in it, he attempts to bring humor and satire to the forefront of his music, to assure his listeners that although things may be dark, there is light at the end.

This sense of humor is a tool for Andrew to interrupt the seriousness of topics such as; the environment and its protection, societal changes and their impact on our daily lives, or even the world events in which we are all a part of. The lyric video exudes vibrant, psychedelic visuals with a retro flair; highlighting a nostalgic eye and immersing the viewer in Andrew's heart-rending story. The song's softly straightforward lyrics accompany the classic rock undertones that are blended extremely well together like a warm blanket over your shoulders when you're sick. Get ready for some chicken soup for your ears, mind, and soul with "Cure Me".

Andrew explains, “A number of my songs reflect my beliefs about our role in the world and society, and about the problems that face us today”. It’s these exact experiences that inspired Thomases to write a collection of ten heartfelt, and self-aware songs he plans on releasing as individual singles; with “Cure Me” being the first on his list.

Written at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, “Cure Me” offers an exploration of the state of the country and its ever changing tides. The song not only serves as a friendly reminder to us all of the hardships we have faced together, but also as a reminder that collectively, we will heal.

I had the opportunity to ask Andrew about his music.


Here's what he had to say:

Q: What inspired your latest song, “Cure Me”?

A: “I wrote Cure Me at the height of the pandemic, before the 2020 election. The song is written in the voice of our country, and the song expresses my frustration with the then-current state of our society. It is a bit of a cry for help for the country. Despite all that was happening, perhaps something could cure society of the insanity.”

Q: What are your plans for your music in the future? A: "Well, I plan to continue to write and record songs. I have about ten in the works, and I continue to write and record additional songs. I plan on releasing a new song each month for the next year. The next two songs have more of a classic rock sound with modern influences, and both have a deep message. I will then release a song about my teen years that is more humorous. After that will be a song that warns of the downsides of perfectionism."


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