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Scary Kids Scaring Kids "Self-Titled" vinyl tour: Kicks Off at Chain Reaction

In celebration of the release of their self-titled album on vinyl, Scary Kids Scaring Kids kicks off tour at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. Opened for them were Havoc Faction, Calmgrove and Set to Stun.

Pouyan Afkary belting out vocals
Pouyan Afkary, key-tar for Scary Kids Scaring Kids (Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA, 2024)

As I stepped into the halls of Chain Reaction in Anaheim, I was instantly met with Havoc Faction's music. Explosive performance after explosive performance, the band warmed up the audience.

I fought my way through the crowd and found myself a spot in front of the drummer. "This would be the best spot for when I take pictures", I said to myself. 

Coming up next was Calmgrove with their meticulous indie/alternative sound. I really enjoyed watching them play because they were very energetic. It amazed me how they would belt out melodic guitar riffs and crushing bass lines while they skipped and jumped on stage. It shows how they put in the work with rehearsals to make the peformance like a breeze.

Set To Stun was next and they were indeed, set to stun. The vocalist's voice range impressed me on how he would jump from singing to screaming in a matter of seconds. They were super tight even with the flickering on and off the lights in the bar. 

Lastly was Scary Kids Scaring Kids headlining that sold-out Saturday night show in celebration of the release of their self-titled album on vinyl. 

The lights dimmed as the drummer walked on stage and triggered the intro music. The band opened with 'Degenerates' and the crowd went wild! Everyone was singing word per word! This actually happened the whole night. Each song from the setlist was a hit. The night was almost like a Scary Kids Scaring Kids karaoke night as everyone just screamed the lyrics out. Not one song was a miss.

Their key-tar player was almost like a ninja warrior wielding his weapon on stage. Reminds me of Monster Hunter with the acrobatics. Everyone in the band was very entertaining to watch all while pumping out music that make you lose your mind (in a good way).

What stood out for me was they played like it was a big theater or stadium. They did not skimp out on anything. They still poured their hearts out inside the walls of the Chain Reaction like it was the arena. And I really loved that as a first-time watcher. I almost forgot I was on assignment! 

I do recommend everyone to watch their shows. I enjoyed my time and I'm sure you would too. They wouldn't disappoint. Pinky swear.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids at Chain Reaction, Anaheim (2024)

Catch them on these dates:

6/22 - Anaheim CA - Chain Reaction

6/23 - Palmdale CA - Transplants Brewing Company

7/20 - Brooklyn NY - The Meadows

7/21 - Philadelphia PA - The Foundry

8/10 - Dallas TX - Trees

8/11 - Austin TX - Come and Take it Live

... and more to announce. For more details, check their website


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