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Exclusive Interview: Rock n' Roll isn't dead! The Premonitions Keep it Alive & Well

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Perhaps the most underrated band in Southern California at the moment, The Premonitions is THEE band to watch for years to come.


Still just up and coming, they certainly have potential to be a house-hold name. A band of misfits, Mick Kennedy(Vocals), Jesse Youngblood(guitar), Eric Rodriguez(drums), Daniel Resch(Bass), Neil Soiland(sax), Anders La Source(organ/harmonica) make up the band. With only a few songs released to this point, it's easy to see why these fellas have been overlooked by many; however, each song is as Rock N Roll as it gets. The vocalist, Mick, brings back the charisma of old school rock stars with his screams & moves on stage. Backed with excellent musicians, they are the total package

I sat down with the boys in late January when they rocked The Factory DTLA, an new

venue in Los Angeles. Without question, there is no shortage of influences on the band. "We like The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Animals, ya know all that good stuff" says Mick. "I personally really love the Cramps. The Sonics, Chuck Berry, Slim Harpo, Little Richard, Velvet Underground to name a few." You can definitely hear a little bit of all of that in their catalog.

If you're part of the scene in Los Angeles, you've definitely come across them them in their 3 year existence.

Either hanging out or playing a show at a local venue. Los Angeles based, a few

members grew up in the surrounding areas. "Most of us grew up here. I grew up in North

Hollywood" says Mick. "I grew up in North Hollywood and The Valley" responds Eric. "I grew up in Uruguay in South America. Moved out here like five years ago" says Jesse Youngblood. Since they were teenagers, they have been playing instruments. According to Mick, "some of us longer than others." Eric has been playing the drums since he was 10 years old. — "I had two older brothers who got me into music."

In late 2019, the band released a single on Bickerton Records. A track titled "That's Voodoo" gives off some trippy 60's vibes. "My Love Ain't A Lie" is also featured on it. Five months later, the band releases another 7-in with two tracks on Outro Records. "Grinds My Gears" and "I'll Make You Happy" are the two heavy hitters on that one. Outro Records is definitely home for the group. Bands like The Flytraps, Nico Bones, The Night Times and many others solidify the label as a destination for gritty underground rock. "We love that label" says Mick. "Shouts out to Steve, you're the fuckin man! Love ya bud."

The Premonitions hope to release their first LP sometime in the summer. "We also have a release planned with Burger Records but you'll have to wait to hear about that." Other 2020 plans include a show in Japan for Halloween.

I'm not sure about you, but I love to hear crazy stories from bands being out on the road.

It's a way to get to know artists in a different perspective. You know, besides from just seeing them as artists. Out of curiosity, I asked the band about any crazy stories they've had while on the road. Here's what they had to say

"Definitely. The one time we went up to SF. We played a show at Highland Park Bowl and right after the show we all headed straight to SF and dropped some LSD. You know, half the band was on LSD and on the way there we almost died.