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Premiere: Send Medicine is "Checking In"

SF psychedelic folklore is carried forward by the boys in Send Medicine. Looking out for their fellow dreamers out there, these rockers are back at it with a b/w music video for "Checking In", the first single from their upcoming album Mata Hari Honey. All these recordings were captured during the 2020 lockdown, so strap in for a chill ride and delight yourself with this tasty tune.


Recommended for listeners of: Devendra Banhart, Babe Rainbow, The Blank Tapes

Originally formed as singer/songwriter Julian Hacquebard's solo voyage into the world of music, SEND MEDICINE has grown into a household name for lovers of modern psych rock and freak folk. Over the years, the group's developed a following with heavy radio rotation, placements on Vice television, and tours across the country. Following up on their third studio album, By Telepathy & Reputation, SEND MEDICINE is ripe and ready with "Checking In".

This 6-minute single is the perfect build-up for their 4th album, Mata Hari Honey, out Aug. 12th on Very Possible Records. Directed by Julian Hacquebard and shot by Antonio White and Steph Sanders, the eerie b/w footage gives the video a vintage feel where band members wander out in nature alongside masked figures. Callback lyrics compliment ballad-like pianos at the beginning of the track while the drums and acoustic guitar tones carry the song home right as the beat drops. It's a feel-good song for questioning creatives where the band takes an empathetic stance on what it means to dream.

If you find yourself out and about down in SoCal, be sure to check out SEND MEDICINE's record release party 8/12 at The Goldfish with support from Windows and Communicant.

Get tickets here:



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