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Premiere: The Haunts Strike Back with "Stockton"

LA indie rock trio, The Haunts, return with a new single and music video for "Stockton". Written last year during their journey across the Northwest, the single embodies the infamous comedown after hours on the road. Touring takes a toll on the body and mind quite like going on a psychedelic quest for self discovery, but the afterglow that follows the comedown is something to savor. Let the Haunts satisfy your longing for nostalgic memories and newfound insights and bop your head along to "Stockton".


Photo by: Allyssa Cornier


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The Haunts is an up and coming indie rock power house with Max Collier on vocals, Alanna Swadlow on drums, and Aaron Brotman on guitar. In preparation for their 2nd EP "Wring me Out", the trio just released an eye catching video for their latest single "Stockton". An energetic show on the last leg of their 2020 tour in Stockton fueled the momentum for this new song and they decided to pair up with What The Heck Media to fully capture the magical twist they experienced that night.

“Stockton was the best show of the tour,” Max says. “The place was stacked with people, I almost got pushed into the drums, and we made so many friends. To go from one of the worst points of the tour to one of the most fun evenings, that's what this song’s about.”

Drummer Alanna agrees: “When I think of this song, I think of me with two of my best friends on the road, exhausted, backs hurting, fighting, laughing and crying, then the best show. It’s like a coming-of- age story for musicians.”

Directed by Frances Wiese and Halsey Pierce, the music video's set on a playground in sunny Beverly Hills, CA. Shot on three separate camcorders, the variety of film overlays, stop motions shots, and color grading gives the video a washed out retro look that really fits the band's collective presence. Drinking Pabst and dancing around the jungle gym, the band lets loose “finding a purpose and means to prevail” within their music.


Photo by: Allyssa Cornier

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