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Premiere: Movie Club Reels Us in With "Fangtooth"

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

The Venice rock duo, Movie Club, continues their sonic journey with the release of their fifth studio album Fangtooth. With songs sparked out of the tension, uncertainty, and small victories of 2020, it isn't surprising that this project is an emotional rollercoaster worth hopping on.


Recommended for listeners of: The Budos Band, Iceage, Tropical Fuck Storm

Highlight Tracks: Badlands, Ghost in the Machine

Jessamyn Violet (drums) and Vince Cuneo (guitar) formed Movie Club in 2018, and their sound has continued to evolve in unexpected ways. Fangtooth is a nod toward a new direction. For the first time, the group included horns into the mix. Standout tracks like "Ghost in the Machine" let these horns shine through with a voice of their own.

David Ralicke (Dengue Fever, Ozomatli) came into Fonogenic Studios on day two of recording with his flute, baritone and tenor saxophone. He also brought a custom effects rig, making his layers otherworldly. Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie, Empire of the Sun) laid down bass lines on the tracks, for his third time guesting on their albums. Mark Rains (Paranoyds, Death Valley Girls) mixed the record at the legendary Station House Studio. Brain Lucey (Green Day, Black Keys) finished the process at Magic Garden Mastering.

Fangtooth is full of soundscapes and sonic textures waiting to be explored and worn. Overall it's a buffet of emotions; music lovers with a craving for mood playlists will be pleased.

“We consider our job to be like painting with our instruments,” drummer Jessamyn Violet says. “We have to express everything through sounds and dynamics, letting listeners interpret their own meaning.”

Movie Club's on a stride and their network of talented friends/artists are right behind them fueling their journey forward. With their eyes on the horizon, these California rockers are going to keep making waves. Make sure to catch the drift and pick them up on your radar.

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