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Exclusive Interview: Mikey Rotten Breathes Life into Punk Rap Culture

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Based down in LA, punk rap star Mikey Rotten is setting a fire in a scene that's ripe for change. Even during the pandemic, the Underground prospers as Mikey Rotten and Eddy Baker continue to put in work to keep shows alive.


Over the past five years, Mikey Rotten has been grinding out in LA while constantly supporting the underground community. With his heavy beat choice and punk rock vocal style, Rotten stays cooking up underground anthems with tracks like "Vampire" and "Deaf Note". Originally, a producer on the rise enjoying the fast life, Rotten constantly played underground parties and quickly went onto bigger venues.

Living out in Hollywood, Rotten was already around the underground hip hop community and started rapping once he lost interest in the festival scene. Through mutual connections, Rotten crossed paths with Eddy Baker and went on a few tours, solidifying his name and energy as a rapper.

A few weeks back, the two paired up to throw a show in LA and plan on hosting another underground show on October 10th.

We had the opportunity to catch Mikey Rotten down in LA before his set back in September.


Here's what he had to say:

Q: How’s it been being an artist during this pandemic?

A: I mean it sucks because you can’t do shows and shit and that’s where all the fun’s at. It’s a good boost for your audience and it’s a good way to engage in real life. It’s given me a lot of time to just work on a lot of fucking music. 

I worked on this project with Al Ross, he’s like a dubstep producer, but I got him on this rap project and he’s got a crazy voice, like Rob Zombie-type shit. Then, I got a project with Shawty Gawd, hella singles, just dumb amounts of music. I’m sitting on like nine videos and a bunch of collabs, so there’s pluses and minuses. Like in any situation, you can either make the best of it or you can sit around and complain. 

Q: Do you think the DIY community has found alternative ways to stay creative lately?