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Exclusive Interview: Lily Waters Looks To Come Back Stronger Than Ever In A Post-Pandemic World

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Although they haven't released many songs yet, Lily Waters has been one of the fastest rising acts in Los Angeles over the past couple of years. Centered around Gabbi Green, the future looks bright for these young musicians.


Photo by: Joshua Taylor


2019 was a good year for Gabbi and the gang. They embarked on some tours, released a couple of singles with music videos to go along with(check them out on YouTube), had a few residencies(including one at Alex's Bar in October), made appearances at Echo Park Rising &

Happy Sundays in Long Beach and, above all, put their names up there among top bands in LA. The perfect blend of wavy beach tunes and some gritty Rock N Roll really resonated with kids in the scene.

Just like every other band in the world right now, 2020 has been a slap to the face. The ongoing pandemic still makes the future of live shows unclear at the moment. Especially here in Los Angeles, where tons of hungry young artists had huge plans for the new year after breaking out strong in 2019.

With that being said, Lily Waters looks to come back harder than ever when it is safe for bands to get back out there and do what they love most. To all my fellow music lovers & concert goers, keep that hope alive for 2021 and beyond. You can find Lily Waters music on Spotify and on SoundCloud as well where they just put out two new unreleased singles.

I had a chat with vocalist/guitarist Gabbi Green to discuss life in a band and coping with the times.


Photo by: Andrea Jimenez


Here's what she had to say:

Q: Did you have a supportive family behind the idea of playing music for a living?

A: Overall, my family has been pretty supportive of my playing music. My mom put my sisters and I in music lessons for a little bit when we were younger; I started with piano. I then joined my elementary school orchestra on cello. I wanted to continue playing it after I graduated so my mom enrolled me in a performing arts charter school despite the fact that it meant a rather lengthy daily commute for us. She would deal with my hectic schedule of rehearsals, even when that meant returning to the area multiple times to get my twin sister home before me. All that being said... Are they supportive of me making a living out of music? Haha I’m not so sure. I’m sure they want me to be happy and living out my dreams though.

Q: Where do you find the most inspiration when it comes to writing new music?

A: My main source of inspiration is definitely my past. Songwriting helps me work through my feelings; it’s the best form of therapy (for me). I’ve got songs about my failed friendships and relationships, losing my dad, struggling with my first major in college, doing long-distance, shaming creeps in my life, etc.

Q: Out of all your tattoos, which one is your favorite?

A: It’s hard for me to pick my favorite tattoo. Since they’re permanent pieces of your body, mine all mean a lot to me. I guess I’ll choose the word “Live”, which I have on my left wris