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Exclusive Interview with Julia Kugel-Montoya: An Odyssey of a Coathanger

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Also known as Crook Kid, she has shredded & screamed her heart out for years in The

Coathangers. Now, she is ready to take the next step into her musical career. Releasing the first record as a duo with Scott Montoya, Soft Palms is something she has been waiting her whole life to make.


It has been 14 years since Julia(guitar/vocals) & fellow bandmates Meredith Franco aka Minnie (bassist/vocals) and Stephanie Luke aka Rusty (drums/vocals) formed The Coathangers. A punk rock/garage band from Atlanta, Georgia who have been releasing some of the best records of the past 20 years.

With six records under their belt, they have made a huge impact and have influenced tons of younger bands. "The Devil You Know" was the latest record released in 2019 on

Seattle-based label Suicide Squeeze. A little different from their older stuff, but definitely more mature in sound and meaningful with the lyrics. "F The NRA" was and still is the song we need in these times of mass shootings becoming the new norm, unfortunately.

You name it, they have done it. Touring all over the world, playing dozens of festivals, becoming fashion icons for the culture, and on and on. They put on some of the best shows you will ever attend. Real raw emotions spewing from both sides, the band and the fans. Very few acts come close to that type of energy on record and replicate it on stage. True innovators of our time.

So, after 14-15 years of going hard non-stop, what's next for Crook Kid? Soft Palms. A

culmination of a long journey growing and learning as an artist. It's something she says she's

been waiting her whole life to make. Now, it's here. The duo released the self-titled record just a few days ago and it is definitely one of the better releases we have seen in this whacky year. Along with the record, they put out 2 music videos for two early released singles, "Baddy" and "Rainbows." You can watch both of them now on their YouTube channel. Pick

up the new record at your local record store or on BandCamp.

I had the opportunity to do an interview with Julia recently. She talks about both projects and more.

Q: How would you describe your odyssey with The Coathangers?

A: The Coathangers experience has been a wild and complex journey. It has been equal parts magic and mishap, but definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and in many ways a blessing. We are fortunate to have been able to see the world and meet a lot of different kinds of people. What’s more impressive I think is that we have managed to remain friends.

Q: Each record for The Coathangers has a different sound to it, but still the same elements

the fans have grown to love over the years. Has the approach to each album changed for


A: We approach every record with fresh eyes. Each album is a glimpse into our lives at the time - at our emotions and problems and losses. They are each very personal and special.

Q: Seems like the first 2 records were made with a little more fury & anger. Was there anything happening in those times with the band that made that more apparent?