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Exclusive Interview: Jack Acid Drops into the Chaos

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Escaping the heat of Arizona, Jack Acid recently flew into LA to slay the stage alongside underground legends Mikey Rotten and Shawty Gawd. Although he didn't get to perform before the ops came raining down on the punk rock parade, Jack Acid has been staying busy in the background working on tons of new material. He's itching to drop three albums, so keep your eyes peeled and you ears open wide for new videos.


Hailing from Phoenix AZ, Jack Acid submerged himself into the world of DIY music long before his current path as a punk rock rapper. Growing up, he got a lot of hands on experience while playing in garage bands and going on tour. Jaded by the rock community, Acid almost quit making music entirely until he started experimenting with rap.

Over the past two years, Jack Acid has consistently put out rowdy underground anthems. Projects like Hot, Thirsty and Pissed and his Flesh and Bone Mixxxtape carved a lane within rap culture that's entirely his own. Although his abrasive vocals and heavy beat choices help him rise above the flood of underground artists, he really solidifies himself as a dark and rebellious force within his music videos. Tracks like "I Wanna Fuck Clairo" and "Low Balance Alert" are already heat, but the music videos really turn it up a notch by letting fans get a peek into Acid's distorted vision.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Jack Acid a few days after Eddy Baker's show while he was still down in LA.


Here's what he had to say:

Q: Are you visiting LA or did you just come out for the show?

A: Yeah, I live out in Phoenix, Arizona.

Q: So when did you first start recording your own music?

A: I started out with a band called Joseph James and I wrote all the parts back in 2014, but I’ve been recording and making music even before that. 

Q: So you were recording some solo material on the side while you were in the band? 

A: Yeah well at first it was sort of solo acoustic indie rock, sad song type deals, and then I went back to my hometown for a little bit, got my diploma, saved up some money, came to Arizona and started a band, with all the shit ready. Then, I found a band to play the parts that I wrote. That was like an indie rock band, kind of like Mac Demarco meets Nirvana.  

Q: When did you start experimenting with other genres?

A: Well at first it was Joseph James and then I played drums in my dad’s band, it’s like a stoner rock band, bluesy type shit. Then, I started a band called Stinkeye which was like psychedelic punk rock, fuzzy garage stuff. I did that for a while, toured for a bit, came back and wanted to quit music. For fun, I started recording rap music and then I kind of just took over everything.