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Harry Portnof's Day Off: The Story of Greenway Records

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

If you've been paying attention to the ebbs and flows of modern psych rock, chances are Greenway Records has come up on your radar within these past few years. With bands like Levitation Room, Triptides, and Acid Dad on their roster, Greenway has become a cherished source for the new wave of psychedelic sounds.


About six years ago, Greenway founder, Harry Portnof developed the initial idea for the label.

At the time, he was working in finances and often found himself drifting off into Discogs during those shifts. A family-fostered love for vinyl and passion for business eventually led Portnof to starting up his own label in 2014.

With roots in the Long Island punk scene, Portnof constantly went to shows to find new artists and potential partners. The oversight paid off after Greenway released a short run of 7-in for L.A. Witch. From here on out, people started reaching out to Harry, commence the snowball effect.

As the years flowed forward, Greenway has consistently released hand poured, colored vinyl. Every Greenway release embraces its own aesthetic. The intricate color variants are aimed to quickly grab the attention of any vinyl junkie surfing the web, looking for their next fix. It's important to Portnof that the visual presentation of every release is as aesthetically pleasing as the music on the album.

Well, it's succeeding. One of Greenway's hottest releases of 2019 has gained recognition from a global audience. Andrew Macgranahan's cover art for ZAM, Frankie & the Witch Fingers most recent album, won the annual Communication Arts Typography Competition last fall. Already a cult classic among many, ZAM stands as a prime example of the quality content that Greenway puts out. Heady tunes and eye candy that you can hold, what else does a record revivalist need?

More records is a start, maybe some live music down the line once Covid-19 starts to become less of threat to society. Good thing Greenway has our backs. Their newest release, a 7-in from Gym Shorts, is sure to please your ears. If that's not enough, a newly established playlist called The Weekly Jam can be found on their Spotify.

Curious to learn more?

We had the opportunity to connect with Harry right after Frankie & the Witch Fingers slayed the Block Stage at Desert Daze 2019.

Don't believe us?

Hear it is, straight from the source: