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Get Ready For Hidden Bands, A Shiny New Toy For Underground Rockers Across The Globe.

Hidden Bands, formerly known as Hipster Bait, is a brand new way to get your rock music heard, while at the same time finding, listening, rating, and hiding "Cassettes" across the world for others to discover. Sign up for free today as both a player, and as a musician, and start hunting down these precious minutes of sweet, sweet rock and roll. -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------------ With Co-Founders Michael Tension and Nicole Sorochan working to bring rock fans just what they need to get off the fish hook of the dinosaur rock radio DJ, to start discovering the coolest and freshest music themselves. Much like other global positioning based game apps, Hidden Bands works by using your real time location to send you in the direction of the nearest greatest hit. However, unlike Pokemon Go, or Geocaching, anonymity is the biggest tool used by the apps team, and by allowing bands to get their music heard regardless of status, connections, or simply the amount of money in their wallet. Find new music right now, and let its creators know just exactly what you think of it with a star rating system numbered 1-5. After the first two weeks of the song being found, rated, and hidden once again, everything is revealed to anyone and everyone who found the hidden "Cassette" and all of the artists social links are available for those who would like to find the them off app. With nothing else like this existing anywhere on the market, Hidden Bands is bound to be the next big trend with rock and roll fans and players alike. With a team built from software engineers, artists, team managers, producers, and advisors, the future of this app is a beaming bright light slowly tracing back and forth across the night sky. As an artist looking to get your music heard, the only requirements necessary are that your track be unreleased for at least the first two weeks it's on the app, and that it be somewhere under the large umbrella that is rock and roll music. Feel free to sign up for free here, and be sure to let of of the team members know we sent you, just be ready for a quick and timely response from one of the various team member and reps working with Hidden Bands letting you know all the details, ready to answer any questions you may have. With Clear Vision artists Spaceyy, and Odilon already submitting music to the app, your music can be hidden alongside ours and various others from around the world today, no questions asked. --------------------------------------------

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