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Exclusive: The Real Conspiracy Reveals the Truth

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Sacramento teenage punk band The Real Conspiracy tells Clear Vision just how difficult it can be for fresh bands on the scene and what they'd recommend for others in their shoes. If your looking to start a community of like minded musicians, what these five bring to the table just might be what you're looking for!


Here's what Angel, Nolan, Logan, Nacho and David had to say: Angel: We are The Real Conspiracy.

Jorge: The Real Conspiracy, cool! So who are your members and what are their roles?

Angel: My name is Angelgrace Bonnett and I'm the singer.

Nolan: My name is Nolan Martin. I'm the guitarist, and I'm currently 16.

Logan: My name is Logan Clark. I'm the other guitarist. I'm 18.

David: I'm David and I'm the drummer and I'm 15 Nacho: I'm Nacho I'm the bassist

Jorge: Okay. Where are you guys based or located?

Angel: We are from Sacramento.

Jorge: Awesome! So how long have you guys been a band and a part of the DIY underground scene?

Angel: We've been a band for about three years now. And we've just kind of started being in the whole to get Sacramento music community scene. Because of COVID. So I'd say maybe about a year.

Jorge: Alright. And how did you guys like the venue and the crowd?

Angel: Um, I loved the venue. I mean, I think it's beautiful. The stage is awesome. And the crowd was just so so and open and welcome, welcoming. They seem to really vibe with our sound. And it was just fun to vibe with the crowd.

Jorge: What are some of the challenges that you guys have faced setting up DIY shows this year?

Angel: It's really hard to get gigs. Yeah, Corona makes it really hard. It's just kind of hard, especially since we're younger, a lot of the venues are like 21 Plus, or they're like bars, or they don't really take us seriously because we're a younger band. But once you get your foot in the door, you get better connections to other more bands. And they like Oh, you want to play with us? And then yeah, that's kind of how we've gotten our gigs so far.

Jorge: How has the DIY underground scene impacted your music specifically?

Nolan: It's helped us get some shows, a lot of shows.

Nacho: Yeah, we actually open up for Angel's mom's band sometimes. And they let us use like their gear and stuff like that. So we always get to do the little, hey, we're playing here, why don't you also play, we'll let you, so we get some good acknowledgement.

Jorge: So having one of those direct connections has definitely been one of those, like you said, foot in the doors to actually get you guys those gigs, even though it is tough, that's great. What would you guys like others to know about this scene, and you're role in it? Is there anything anybody who's never listened to this kind of music, never heard this kind of music. Is there anything you would like those people to know? And is there anything that you would like to know those people to know about you guys, and your impact on this kind of music?

Nacho: Don't listen to the entire song as one as being one song. listen to the song as in being somewhere you can listen to each person play, and know exactly what they play but they all connect to the exact same song even though were not always playing the same thing.

Angel: yeah, that's something we've heard about, like our band, like, we got a compliment how, when you look at our band playing, and you look at each person, they're doing something individually different, like we're all doing something different. But it all like, comes together and makes us like a sound that like people tend to like, yeah,

David: So yeah, one other thing is like, we're not really like the most popular genre. So it's a little bit harder to like, you know, like, get up there.

Jorge: What would you have to say to someone maybe in your guys' position, if they were looking to do something like you guys were, to get up on stage and to go play? Like if they were maybe nervous? Or if they maybe had second thoughts? What were what would you guys like others to know about becoming a part of this scene?