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Exclusive Interview: Stormhouse Is Bringing Chaos To A City Near You

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Every once in a while a band comes along where each member is as essential as the last and without one, it doesn't work. This is that band.


Photo by: Juan Perez


Straight outta Long Beach, this four-tet band has been playing some of the most impressive shows in Southern California. Even though they've been around for a few years, it seems like they are only getting started. Mixing great music with fashion, they definitely stand out and do both justice.

Last year the group released their first full self-titled record with great success. They have become local main stays at places like Alex's Bar, Supply & Demand, Vine and all the other wonderful places over in LB and surrounding areas. A booming scene that is really worth checking out if you are unfamiliar with.

You can catch them later this month at The Sardine. You do not want to miss that because that might be the last one for the year! Follow them on Instagram for all other updates and new music. They just released a new single "Web Of Lies" that should be on your current playlist.


Photo by: Juan Perez

What does the future hold for Stormhouse? Well, that's something for Markie(vocals) to speak upon below. I had the opportunity to sit down with her recently and chat about future plans, Long Beach scene, other projects, horror films and more. Read the full interview below.

Q: How long has Stormhouse been around?

A: We’ve been together for about five years now.

Q: Who else is in Stormhouse besides you on vocals?

A: We have Ozzy Chong on bass, Jorge on guitar and Isaac on drums.

Q: What does the name Stormhouse mean?

A: I don’t really know to be honest with you. We were trying to think of band names in our group chat. Everyone was just throwing out different names. I was just stoned one night and said “Stormhouse” because we were like a storm waiting to happen. Isaac and I had just broken up when we started the band, our guitarist was always in and out of the U.S. & Puerto Rico and a few other things. It was just like who knows? We’re a fucking storm. It was just silly and then we stuck to it.

Q: What are some of your inspirations when it comes to writing music, stage performances and the wardrobe selections that goes along with that?

A: Stage performance I like giving it my all. I was raised on 90’s Gwen Stefani. Tina Turner is another huge influence. My thing is like I don’t have an instrument so I have to use my body and give everyone a good show. As far as costumes go I would say each show is different. I have my best friend Ashlee, Gutter Glitter Shop, who makes everything for me for the most part. I just tell her what I’m inspired by at the moment, or if I’m thinking like a body suit or dress, then she’ll throw in her ideas. It’s a lot fun and something I’ve always wanted to dabble in, the fashion aspect of it. It’s a blessing that I can keep it in house, in the family. For writing the music sometimes we’ll just jam out, one of the guys will have an idea or I’ll just give Jorge a poem I wrote and we’ll go from there.

Q: How do you feel being a part of the booming music scene in Long Beach?

A: It’s such a blessing! A lot of my friends are in the Long Beach scene that I’ve been friends with and grew up with. DJ Polyester has been my friend for like 10 years now. She used to book my old band during some of her residencies. It’s just so cool being able to grow up with your friends and watch each other build. The scene is such a safe space and I don’t see myself moving anytime soon. There’s just something about Long Beach, it’s different. I am proud to be a part of it, we all are.

Q: How special was it to share the stage with your friends Drew from Trapgirl and Kristine from The Tissues at Happy Sundays?

A: Oh my God! We’re all really good friends. Drew had asked us I was like “what?! Of course!” I thought we were just going to be recording a single then she was like “Oh no, we’re doing like a video shoot, a photo shoot etc.” When Drew asks you to do a collaboration you say yes! I’ve collaborated with Kristine before. Not in music but I’ve done hair for The Tissues and we’ve all been featured in her videos. So being able to actually work with her in music was very rewarding and just seeing how Trapgirl works and rehearses, it was a beautiful moment.

Photo by: Juan Perez

Q: Stormhouse recently went to Vegas and performed for the first time, how was that experience?

A: Oh, it was so much fun! Trapgirl invited us to play with them. It was at this dive bar called Huntridge Tavern. Reminded me a lot of The Prospector, without the steakhouse though. It worked in our favor that When We Were Young was unfortunately cancelled on Saturday. All these different shows were popping up and we kept promoting our show since people couldn't go to that festival. It was such a blessing because L.A. and Long Beach people showed up to our show! I was a small venue but we ended up packing the house and saw a lot of familiar faces. It was a lot of fun for our first out of town show.

Q: Plans for Stormhouse going forward, any new album in the works?

A: We released our first record last year and I think this year we’ve been taking a new approach by releasing singles. But, we are planning on making a music video by December or January. Right now we have 3 new batches of songs and at the moment we are promoting our newest single “Web of Lies.” Hopefully by the end of 2023 with all the different singles we’ve released we can release a record. We’ll see where it goes though, definitely excited.

Photo by: Juan Perez

Q: You also perform in Reverse Cowgirls, how did you become a part of that band?

A: It happened during the lockdown. The vocalist of the band Alyssa, who is one of my best friends, had been in bands before but sort of took a break from music. She’s been wanting to get back so one night we were hanging out and we had too much tequila when the idea came up. She just started talking about how she wants to start an all girl country band but had been having a hard time finding a drummer. Then all of a sudden a lightbulb goes off on her head and she starts asking me if I want to play drums. I was not into the idea but she called her friend to teach me and next thing you know I’m learning how to play drums. The process was just to slow so our friend Kristin Cooper from The Flytraps suggested we switch because she knows drums and figured bass would be easier for me to learn. It was fun! I just started learning off of records from The Cramps and stuff like that. Country is a different beast. I never would have thought in a million years I’d be in a country group. Alyssa is the only person I’d ever do something like that with.

Q: Since it is Halloween season, do you like to dress up for it?

A: It’s funny I was just talking to my friend about it and I was saying how like every day is Halloween. I always dress up and wear costumes all the time *laughs* I love horror films and my whole apartment is filled with that. It’s been one of my main influences since I was a kid really. Every day is spooky for me. I feel like my costumes for Halloween are always like whatever though. One year we did Misfits skull makeup and that was fun. This past year I was “Hellvis, Elvis from Hell. Something I made up.

Photo by: Juan Perez

Q: Are there any horror films that have inspired you or your work?

A: I would say, recently, the original Suspiria. The score from Goblin on that. Anything Dario Argento does really. I’d throw Deep Red in there too. Those are my favorite two from Argento. After this I have a meeting with the director who did the “Linger On” music video. He asked me what are my influences and I told him Deep Red! I wanted it to be in the style of his films where you don’t know who the killer is but it turned out to be something else because we planned it super last minute.

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