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Exclusive Interview: Emo Alt-Punk Band Tarnish Leaves A Patina

San Diego and Sacramento band Tarnish explains to Clear Vision the challenges they've faced, and just how it's impacted their music and sound. Hear how these four have grown in the face of opposition and what they have to tell others looking to book their own DIY shows at home. If you haven't heard them yet, they'll be sure age like fine wine in the mean time.


Here's what Karl, Jack, Dane, and Chris had to say:

Jorge: First off, what's your guys's band name?

Karl: So we are called Tarnish! You can hit us up on Instagram,

Jorge: Okay, so who are your guys's members? And what are you guys' roles?

Karl: So my name is Karl I play rhythm guitar and I'm the lead singer.

Jack: My name is jack. I play drums.

Chris: My name's Chris I play lead guitar.

Dane: My name is Dane I play bass.

Jorge: Alright, where are you guys based and located?

Karl: So me and jack are from here, north Sac. And the rest of the band is from San Diego. So we kind of have a little mix and match type deal. We went down for a show there last weekend. They came up here this weekend, but it's 'cuz I went to college in San Diego met Dane, at a show, which was cool, and then moved up to Sac I met Jack. Dane already knew Chris, kind of just worked out. Yeah.

Jorge: It seems you guys not only have a foot in the door here in this scene, but a foot in the door of others as well!

Karl: Right, and a place to sleep in both!

Jorge: Definitely! How long have you guys been a group, and how long has the group been a part of the scene?

Dane: Well we started the band in May last year, but we didn't release anything until March of this year. But I mean, I feel like we've been a part of the scene like for like a while, you know, like both Karl and I especially played in other bands and gigs and stuff like not together but like in other bands. And then I'm not sure how much Chris or Jack have gigged in the past few years.

Chris: I've been in a couple of bands, nothing serious, but I've been going to shows since I was like 12 years old so I've been in the scene, but not playing in the scene.

Jorge: So kind of a mixed range, but for quite some time now. How'd you guys like the Blue Goose event hall and the crowd?

Karl: If I would have known that this venue was a thing like when I first moved to Sac, we would have definitely played a show here by now. This place is lit, I definitely would like to come back, crowd was cool. We have a lot of friends out there, but also we had a couple randoms, and that's sick, because you want people that you don't know to come out. If you look up and like they're having a good time, You're like, Oh, it's not just my friend being nice, like, so that was cool. But yeah, great, great place.

Jorge: If you guys did have the chance to play another event here would you?

Karl: Totally, totally. Yeah.

Jorge: Great! Some more questions about the scene and how it has impacted you guys, what are some of the challenges you guys have faced setting up DIY shows this year?

Jack: I mean, obviously, there's a lot of you know, COVID concerns and wanting to be like, you know, safe and that sort of deal, and then just networking, because shows really only started happening again over summer. So all of our network is like, pretty much just through people we found on Instagram and stuff, and so you know, we're still working on finding our crew and our people that we can do shit with. So yeah, it's just just connecting which is just hard to do when you know you're all at home.

Karl: Like you and I Dane already knew people from other bands from the scene which helped us out a lot, he knew a lot of people in Santa Cruz, I knew a lot of people in San Diego, he new people in San Diego too, so we kind of had a little bit of like a head start, which was cool, but it definitely does feel like we're still figuring out everything.

Jorge: Awesome! For my next question, how has the DIY underground scene impacted your guys's music?

Karl: I think it's been great. I mean, like our first show, we expected nothing. You know, we're down in San Diego, we had a good amount of people there, and people didn't even know our music yet, but they were just getting down. So I feel like mainly the cool thing is that those are the same people that then actually follow us on Instagram after. So the people that are down for the scene are very loyal, and I think that's awesome.

Jack: We had a show in Riverside last weekend, that I feel like was a really good example of it. Because like, the entire crowd was like, pretty much just people who like to go to shows on the weekend. No one knew us, but it was sick. We had a great crowd, we had a good pit going, and it literally felt Yeah, literally felt like a hometown show. Like it's like these were people, you know, coming to see us like forever. And it was just the total randos but it's just because it was the scene, you know, and that's what they do. They just go to whatever show's nearby, it is really rad.

Chris: That was actually the first show I did with these guys playing guitar and I was just amazed, man, like, I appreciate you. But yeah, it was at a bar, we were on the floor on the patio, and the whole patio was just packed. We didn't know anybody at that show. We knew like, one of the other bands off Instagram, and that was it. People went hard for us. People were pitting. I was playing our soft song at the end, I was playing my solo, there's like people gathered around you rocking out it was just like such a vibe, man. We actually noticed a couple people from that show became fans, and followed everyone in our personals. Yeah, super tight.

Dane: It was cool. It's like people that we want to keep. You know, I mean, we want everyone to be our friend.

Jorge: The best advice that I've been given personally, is to always try to leave your show on a first name basis with at least one person.

Karl: Dude, I couldn't have said it better.

Jorge: What would you like others to know about this scene and your guys's role in it?

Karl: I think the biggest thing I would say is the scene is very open minded. A lot of people think that the scene is like a thing like, oh, I don't know if I can break into the scene, but no, like we just said in Riverside and even here, people that don't know you are just down to have a good time. And I feel like that's what the scene is. It's a bunch of people that all would have been friends in high school. You know? Like, we all like stuff like that. And it's like, it's just the kind of thing where we all share, like, common values, common things that we like. And yeah, I love the scene.

Jack: If you play your heart out every fucking show that you got, and you show that you're passionate, when you meet the fans, you know, leave them on a first name basis, they're gonna fuck with you. And you know for us, we just started out like, day one, but once we keep on going they'll fucking be with you till the end.

Chris: Honestly, for me the biggest part about the scene is the fact that like, especially today, there's a bunch of younger cats here and stuff, and like I said, you know I remember when I was 13, 14, getting rides to shows and shit and trying to get there man, and it's so dope to see these younger kids now doing the same exact thing. Yeah, like, I love that.

Jorge: That's amazing! If you guys had a message for others who are looking to start setting up their own DIY scene and events, what would it be?

Dane: Make connections and just make shit happen. It can be a parking lot show, it can be a show on the beach, it can be a show in the forest, just make stuff happen and meet people. The more you talk to people, I feel like it's honestly the biggest barrier to setting up your DIY scene is just not having the balls to go do it. Whenever we want to schedule shows it hasn't been hard, we just have to go seek it out, its not just gonna come out of thin air.

Jorge: What are some of your plans for the future with underground DIY events and shows?

Karl: I mean, we're gonna ride this out, so right now, we just released a song and we're about to record a whole lot more songs. We're recording an EP. And after that we just want to go around and do stuff like this. We want to play these types of DIY shows as long as possible. We want that real homegrown fan base type of feeling so that you know if something does happen if we do blow up and play big shows, we still see familiar faces that have been watching us at these type of shows. You know what I mean?

I feel like that's what adds to a bands longevity, like people are going to stick with them, if you give them that sort of feeling. So yeah, I feel like that's the biggest thing for me. I think we're just gonna stay as close to the scene as we can. Because I mean, it's it's really, so far, It's just brought us fucking friends and like you guys like.

Jorge: Alright well are there any publishing , posts, or future events that you guys have confirmed that you guys would like people to know about?

A: Yeah, so we so we just released a song, Friday September 3rd, called "Image That I Left", you can find that on all streaming platforms. Find us on Instagram I think Tiktok is also Twitter is a tarnish underscore ca we haven't announced these yet, but we're gonna have a house show in Rosemont on October 10th, we got a show in Oakland on November 18, and we got a number of other shows that aren't confirmed yet.

Diego: One last question, individually and as a collective who inspires you guys?

Karl: Oh, great question. Um, for me, it's definitely more the soft grunge pop punk stuff like Citizen, Knucklepuck, Movements, Title fight. I'd say jack is probably pretty similar but maybe a little harder at times because he's the drummer.

Jack: Yeah, so all of those like current soft grunge pop punk bands I didn't know about to like a year ago until I met Carl and he showed me all them you know Similarly, Citizen, Title Fight, Basement, all those guys but I grew up on classic rock like huge Zepplin guy, Black Sabbath fuckin Lynard Skynard, and all those guys are my go to.

Chris: Yeah, same as Jack actually, I grew up on Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, shit like that. I got really into thrash metal for a while, realized I wasn't actually that pissed off, came out of it. Now I like a little bit of everything if I had to pick three. You know, I like a lot of newer stuff too. If I had to pick three I would say Led Zeppelin the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blackbear, yeah rockin emo.

Dane: I mean, definitely in terms of like influences on the band for sure, I mean, Blink 182 is my favorite band of all time.

Jorge: Well, thank you guys again, cant wait to see what the future has in store for you! Be sure to check in with Tarnish to find out just exactly where they will be next, and don't forget to stream their new single "Image That I Left" out on all streaming platforms now!


Photo: @d2r98

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