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Album Review: Enjoy the Shrubbery with "Botanica Dream" by Monster Rally

From Cleveland, Monster Rally is the musical creation of Ted Feighan. Aesthetics include incredible tropical collages, complimenting his sound to an uncanny degree. Tunes are like traveling back to the Jurassic period, seeing ass-shaking dinosaurs ‘n shit. You ever seen a thiccassaurus?


Botanica Dream Album Artwork


Botanica Dreams, Monster Rally’s newest album, arrived on July 22. A dream in the third dimension front to back, a vacation in sound. Genuinely feels like you just scored a brick of Columbian in your fresh ’70s timeshare. What more could you want?

Let alone the album is at name your own price on Bandcamp. No ads? Free Download??


Man behind the music: Tim Feighan


Speakin’ of scoring, Monster Rally released the album in exceptionally limited quantity. In two colorways, Passion Flower (sold out) and Canopy Green, there's a total of only 500 copies pressed. So sick, even the 10 test copies each had their own custom cover art.

If you find yourself in Los Angeles on September 15, check out Monster Rally perform at the Lodge Room! Be sure to crack a listen to the vinyl-sampled banger that is Botanica Dreams.


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