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Single Review: Edward Rendon Brings us home with "Insecure"

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Kick off your hibernation season with a fresh track from Austin, Texas Indie-Rock artist Edward Rendon: "Insecure", his third song to drop this year. With previous titles such as "Already dead" and "In The City", Edwards brings us into his emotional yet soothing world once again to show us all that everyone around us experiencing their own unique and individual understanding of how it all works. Find out just how it works for Edward with "Insecure". -------------------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------------------- Recommended for listeners of; Radiohead, Silver Sun Pickups, The Flaming Lips Self taught musician and producer Edward Rendon drops his third single of the year after a long but necessary educational hiatus in UX Design. Based in Austin, Texas, Edward brings us a lugubrious yet realistic indie alternative tune, influenced by genres such as folk music and Brit-pop. His lyrics however are used as a tool by Rendon to tackle his own struggle with mental health at well as his own self-reflective observations on life.

With over a decade of experience as a musician, Edward has only been songwriting since the start of the pandemic in the fall of 2020. However, it seems his new found calling has taken him in a direction he only could've dreamed of as his next single of year is set to drop this December. We got a chance to ask Edward about the creation process and his inspirations behind "Insecure" and here is what he had to say, "'Insecure' was written and recorded all from my at-home studio. This is how all of my songs to date have been made, me performing and recording all of the parts from my bedroom. One thing that was really exciting about this single, was that I collaborated remotely with Dave Bunting of King Killer Studios for the first time, who mixed, mastered, and co-produced Insecure. Working with him was one of the best decisions I made for the song, he took everything I did and just pushed it to its max potential." "Insecure" can only be described as a psychedelic and melodic sound bath with the water running full steam, sending bubbles of emotion flying around as they pop across the room. With cleverly placed background vocals, and guitar effects that create a sense of density in the track, the lyrics almost seem to pull you through that thick dense ooze that is "Insecure". The little spaces in the chambers of the brain that would be empty on a normal basis only serve to echo and repeat the soft and ambient vocals masterfully done by Edward, and beautiful mastered by Dave Bunting. With a track this far out it comes as no surprise the cover art depicts a graceful space woman floating through the galaxy, a clear depiction of Rendon's listeners as they are whisked away by his music. Its seems Edward has only one direction to head in from here, and it looks like he's taking his team with him, as he enlists the help of artist Carina Guevara for the third time featuring her stunning and colorful artwork, and even her help with the song's lyrics. We can all take a bit of inspiration from Rendon as he's not letting the holidays stop him, nor his remote collaboration with music communities across the world. ---------------------------------------------------------

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