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Single Review: Catch A Mouth Full With "Chew On That" by Sac's Garage Punk Group, Tuff Toenailz.

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

With the Sacramento rock scene needing a bit of a tune-up, punk rock group Tuff Toenailz puts the pedal to the metal with their backloaded freshmen album "Chew On That" with a comedic sense of caricature humor, vocalist GiGi, guitarist Matt, and drummer Dylan want to bring back the sense of youth in revolt to punk music for good.


Recommended for listeners of; Weezer, Green Day, and They Might Be Giants. With December of 2020 being the start of things for Tuff Toenailz, the group seemed to be off to a rocky start, with a rough recording of a song named "Pot Zombie" being their first drop. This rough first drop however only inspired and drove these three to perfect their craft and hone their talents to bring us their current signature satirical sound all mixed and mastered by hand. The payoff seems to be worth the wait, as these guys have not only dropped an album for their fans to fight over the crumbs with, but they have also been steadily playing shows all across the Sacramento area with venues such as; The Boardwalk, Cafe Colonial, and The Blue Goose Event Center, under their belts. With extremely creative covers, intros, and even hilarious samples and song themes, one thing is for certain with GiGi, Dylan, and Matt, they don't take anything seriously, from South Park's character Towely making a cameo appearance in "Pot Zombie", to an entire song about Spam, you're bound to burst out in laughter, break a smile, or even shake a few bones while blasting "Chew On That". To quote the Nailz themselves, "the early bird gets the worm", and you're sure to get a few looks and maybe a few people asking what you're listening to, so be the first person in your friend group to hog the aux with Tuff. The comedy and hilarity aside, these three are one of the youngest groups to hit the underground Sacramento punk scene and aim to shake the reins from its previous holders to have the ability to host and book punk lineups and themed events themselves across the region. But first things first, they aim to hit you in the right spot, and make you groove with an amazingly bright and light classic punk sound, with all the heavy bass fills, popping snare fills, and lead-lined guitar licks, topped off with vocalist GiGi hitting all the highs and lows one could dream of. All this leads into the heavy back end portion of the album featuring songs like "The Spam Song" and one of the heaviest on the album "S.T.F.U." featuring yet another of the youngest active Sacramento punk groups Boreas, of which the group shares drummer Dylan. This close connection has allowed the group to share even more like sets, songs, and shows, and this is the kind of tight-knit community CVC aims to sow themselves. The future only seems brighter for this punk group, with shows lined up in March and possibly April of 2022, a possible co-creation of an indie/punk rock label with many similar philosophies to CVC's, and brand new merch on the way, be sure to stream "Chew On That" on all streaming platforms now and keep an open eye out in the 209 area code for Tuff Toenailz.

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