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Blazed at Hazy Fest

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Tunes were booming, smoke was fuming. On the righteous Friday and Saturday of July 8th & 9th in Downtown Los Angeles launched the first ever Hazy Fest.

Legendary headliners for the event included Tropa Magica, Levitation Room and Spaceface. While we hoped to make both days, Spaceyy ‘n I only made it to Day Two.

Not only were buds, edibles and dabs available for purchase from retailers boothed around the show, but attendees had the luxury of trying some of the finest cannabis there. Patrons of each brand were great people too. They’d genuinely check in with you and see how you felt about the effects, taste, etc. For real shoutout Maven Genetics, Papa’s Select, and every other patron at the event.

Full circle moment to see Seattle-based Alive & Well have a booth set up. As a skateboarder growing up, they had collaborated with the likes of Huf and other classic street brands in that respect. To see how they’ve fused in cannabis with their brand is significant being that you nurture any idea, you really can branch into any industry you choose to.

Jumping back into the music - Al Lover brought the vibes as the event DJ, dumb groovy per usual. Bummed we weren’t able to stay for his late-night vibes, but we finna catch him at Desert Daze later this year. If you haven’t scoped that lineup yet, you're slumping.

MACKandgold rocked aggressively, reading the crowd with that fun, summer boogie type of getdown. These dawgon’ legends even pulled up a Khruangbin cover, I can’t lie the crowd was much too stoned to notice.

Brainstory absolutely astounded the crowd with whimsical rifts and explosive energy. A very tapped-in trio to say the least. Stoked to see what they have cookin’ up for Desert Daze too.

As Levitation Room started with “Cosmic Flower,” sundown blessed the sky with a pastel peach color, while we were munching some food truck fries outside the venue. Ready to get down to it, I was blazed. The night truly was only beginning as the band continued into their next jam, “Warmth of the Sun.” The clip we caught is of a Spanish Folk track that was released during the pandemic, “Pienso En Ti.”

Spaceface teleported on stage, a magnificent presence in front of the stoned crowd. The hanging led-light strips created such a blast of color, a face melter really. Upon hearing “Happens All The Time,” probably midway through the track I’d completely lost sense of standing in a crowd.

Smacked by dabs and fine ganja, we stood enjoying the show. The band busted out a rainbow-colored parachute-type thing you’d see in gym class as a kid, and of course the mummified audience zombies their way toward the stage, expanding the tarp.

After jamming “Pina Collider”, Spaceface hopped into “Panoramic View”, with the stoners in front still vibin’ with the rainbow thing. Gotta give it to Hazy for curating such a phenomenal event, especially for building the connection between great music and cannabis.

Levitation Room slaying yet another set, a smoke-out crowd enjoying themselves.

Spaceface gettin' the dance floor groovin' with the rainbow parachute.

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