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Artist Bio: Telltale Ballroom "Bedroom Pop Bliss"

Los Angeles-based duo, Telltale Ballroom conjures up a cozy cup of acid-washed bedroom pop, sprinkled with bits of folky blues and modern psych rock. Their lo-fi indie hits are like the musical equivalent of a doobie still burning, all alone on a crystal ashtray just waiting to be smoked.

Telltale Ballroom
Telltale Ballroom Live @ Art House

Peering through a kaleidoscope, you take in the view of the city, imagining all the possibilities and stories flowing around you. A siren interrupts your daydream, reminding you it’s time to put the toys away and feed your cat.

Strolling through your apartment, music equipment scattered around stuffed animals, you find the food and peel back the lid. You hear a click and a classic lo-fi hiss from one of your old cassette decks. A wave of psychedelic pop pours out of the speakers. Turning around a bit tripped out, you notice the numbers on your stove’s clock are floating off the screen.

Before you can furrow your brow, the kitchen floor drips down from under your feet, sending you spiraling down a rabbit hole where you crash land into an ethereal masquerade party. Scratching your head, you look up to see a quilted banner that reads: Telltale Ballroom.

Telltale's tracks like “If I Knew, I’d Tell You”and "Crocadolly" have a dream-like nostalgia that’ll send you into a trance. With their floating vocal harmonies and underwater guitar tones, you’ll be wondering where you parked your yellow submarine.

Playing alongside local jammers like Astral Jubilee and So Vain, Telltale Ballroom’s been sending ripples across LA’s underground. Grateful we had the chance to help these based beings spread their sounds across the coast, up to Seattle for our Summer PsychOut Tour back in July. Fresh off tour, they’ve been honing in on their love for cassettes and self-recording. With a stockpile of songs wrapped up for safekeeping, Telltale Ballroom has new tunes ready to be unleashed into the world sooner rather than later. So stay clear-headed with some tales to tell @telltaleballroom


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