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Artist Bio: Black Moon Lilith "Camarillo Black Metal"

Way down in the faraway land of Camarillo, CA (not actually that far) lives one of the

best up-and-coming black metal bands in SoCal. Hot off their first single release, “Moribund”, Black Moon Lilith has hit the scene hard this month with 3 shows in September, the final of which is slated to take place at the world-famous Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA.

Black Moon Lilith Live

This relatively new group is composed of four musicians whose technical abilities are not to be understated. Every member of the band showcases massive talent in the roles they each play. From ripping nostalgic chords that are still lead-heavy to doubled-up screaming and growling vocals that provide even further depth to the sound, Black Moon Lilith never ceases to impress, least of all their rhythm section. With drums that provide more energy than a city, to their bass player rocking multiple chords and tapping shockingly beautiful riffs, Black Moon Lilith shows not only versatility in the black metal genre but a hunger to push that genre in ways that fit their strengths.

The passion these four put toward their music can be felt through the airwaves and

gives an almost therapeutic effect with its energy that doesn’t let up. And who doesn’t love a good Evangelion reference? If you’re already a fan of the genre or are curious about it, you’ll be searching for more after hearing this group…


Stay Tuned:

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